Dreams are the easiest way for us to access metaphysical guidance from the Universe, and the most effective way for our spirit guides to send us messages.

Even the non-metaphysical dream.

Kitten dreams are very common and have a host of meanings depending on the context.

If you keep a dream journal as we recommend, interpreting those dreams should be relatively easy.

So if you have had a kitten dream lately and wanted to know what it means for you, read on!Kitten Dream Meaning

Kitten Attacks You In Your Dream

When a kitten attacks you in your dream, it is a sign that you should take a second look at your current relationship.

The symbolism here is clear:

Just because it’s cute and cuddly and your friends love it, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. After all, it has claws.

When You Chase A Kitten In Your Dream

Chasing is a common trope within dreams, and often signals heightened anxiety.

When you chase or are chased by a kitten in a dream, this usually indicates a problem with your professional life.

Perhaps you are stressed with too much work and need to slow down, or if you are being chased maybe then you aren’t putting enough effort in at work.

The Kitten Is Varied In Fur Colour

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Kittens with various fur patterns and colours appearing in a dream usually mean that an important, team-based task is on the horizon.

If this is a change of pace for you then perhaps it is time to brush up on those people skills before they are called to action.

The Kitten Is Very Small

One strange dream that pops up a lot involves a very small or miniature kitten.

This is often interpreted as representing your voice. You might need to express yourself more and trust your reasoning rather than merely doing the bidding of others.

Kittens Fight In Your Dream

This one has been reported for centuries and is a bad omen.

There is a person or group who are seeking to harm you. This might be a rival at work or in your social group, or it may be some unknown entity. Take steps to protect yourself and be vigilant.

Remember, even the most innocent-seeming people can turn out to be enemies.

Kitten Endlessly Meows In Your Dream

This one is an explicit warning from your soul guides that you are in danger of suffering a betrayal.

Specifically, one of your friends is plotting against you, or someone you thought was nice will show themselves to be quite the opposite.

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Again, be vigilant. It’s challenging to get one over on someone who has had pre-warning.

Kitten Screams In Your Dream

A terrifying dream, if you’ve ever had it. Most of us haven’t heard a kitten scream, but it chills you right to the bones.

This one only shows up when someone you love has hurt you. It isn’t a warning or an omen, simply your soul’s expression of that pain on the astral plane.

So those are the most common meanings of kitten dreams depending on the situation.

Remember – keep a dream journal! So much knowledge is tied up in dreams, why risk forgetting them?