Lemurian soul Traits: An intermingling of energies persists among humans because of interplanetary interactions.

However, there are certain elemental energies in the ancient souls and star seeded individuals that are pristine and untainted.

Lemurian Soul Traits

These inherent frequencies distinguish them from other species and give them their identity.

Starseeds know when they have Lemurian soul traits.

Their intuition squeals that they do so. As they spiritually evolve, these characteristics become more and more prominent.

History of Lemuria

Lemuria was a continent that existed in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Easter Islands and the Fiji Islands.

Some lands in Madagascar were also a part of this ancient continent. At its peak, its reach even touched the lands of British Columbia in Canada.

Lemuria’s historical importance is evident in its expansion.

Who were the Lemurians?

Lemurian’s weren’t ordinary people. They had found a way to unlock the pathway to the fifth dimension.

That’s why they were able to produce unimaginable feats. Before Lumera fell to the forces of evil, it was the groundswell of spiritual knowledge.

Not only were Lemurians able to unlock the fifth dimension, but they were also easily able to back to switch back to the fourth and third dimension at will.

The spiritual prowess they possessed has never been paralleled in history.

Lemuria: The cradle of civilisations

The Lemurian civilisation was the founding father of many other civilisations.

It was known as the ‘Motherland’. Even Atlantis emerged years after Lemuria.

And when it did, it constantly battled against Lemuria because of conflicting ideologies.

Due to this disparity, They laid waste to each other’s land, bringing about an age of darkness and malice.

The Lemurian and Atlantean dissent

Lemurians were insistent that there should be no compulsion in spirituality.

People should be given the freedom to travel towards spirituality at their own pace.

They didn’t want the less spiritually evolved cultures to be coerced into spiritual attainment.

But, Atlantis wanted to abuse its power and control smaller civilisations.

It believed that the lesser evolved cultures should take its wing.

Its authoritarian tendencies led to this Great War between two great civilisations.

War doesn’t spare anyone. They are no winners, just victims.

After the fighting subsided, the spirituality of people stooped to an all-time-low.

A thermo-nuclear blast heralded the end of the Lemurian civilisation.

Such a tragic event embeds itself in the genetic seats of the human soul.

Healing it requires spirituals struggle of the highest order in several incarnations.

After the Lemurians and Atlanteans realised they were wrong, they moved towards a period of spiritual convalescence.

And through constant emotional struggle, they were able to mitigate the bruising effects of their aggressions somewhat.

The Lumerians were able to regain their dignity and honour before plunging to their deaths.

Lemuria is resurging

Before Lemeria met its end, some oracles prophesized that, Lemurians will rise again as one and carry the torch of spirituality with their heads held high.

Many people, to this very day, await the fulfilment of this prophecy.

We have good news for these people: The age of Lemuria has already reinitiated.

Many cultures with evolved understandings have started to show their domination.

We have to become a part of this revolution and contribute our love and light to this just cause.

We can all possess Lemurian traits if we vow to follow the path of love, light and spiritual enlightenment.

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