There are many ways of clearing negative energy from your aura and your home. One of the most popular methods is using lime in water.

Lime’s cleansing properties have been known for centuries, seeing most use in eastern traditions.

If you want to know how you can use lime in water to cleanse negative energy, then here are some of the most popular ways:

1. Lime Water Spray

Next time you finish a spray bottle of cleaning fluid, don’t throw it away!

Instead, wash it out and refill it with lime water. Now you have a lime water spray that you can use on any negative energy hotspots around your home.lime1 1030x579 e1557378819469

This is particularly useful for incidental negative energy, like residual energies after an argument or after having someone over who brought negative energy with them.

You can also use it to cleanse doorways, as these often accumulate negative energy.

2. Refreshing Drink & Cleanser

Another great way of using lime in water to cleanse negative energy is to drink it.

A pitcher of ice cold water with a quartered lime thrown into it provides a lovely, refreshing drink for you or any guests, but it also provides spiritual benefits.

The cleansing properties of lime in water can easily flush out negative energy that is clogging up your system.

When you are cleansing your aura during meditation, drink some lime water shortly before and after to amplify and solidify the cleansing effects.

3. Lime Water & Meditation

Lime water can help with meditation in lots of ways.

An arrangement of limes has seen use as a meditation tool for centuries in the eastern world, consisting of 8 limes arranged in a circle with a central lime cut in half.

Building this arrangement in a bowl of hot water can increase meditation potential and help improve your focus.

Adding some lime or lemon oil to the bowl can amplify this effect even further, and goes well with other citrus scents – as well as menthol oils and fragrances, which have a complementary focusing effect.

4. Protect Your Home With Lime Rainwater

One interesting way of keeping the negative energy away from your home is with the use of rainwater bins.

Many people collect rainwater for various purposes. Some collect it for drinking, whereas others use it merely for gardening.

In either case, the bins that collect the rainwater can be put to another use – defence against negative energy.

Place whole limes in the rainwater bins to create a protective aura around your home.

The mix of lime with rainwater is particularly powerful, as the water is untreated and free from artificial contaminants.

Lime Is A Powerful Cleanser

Remember, lime is a powerful cleanser even when not in the water!

Although the water conveys its benefits in the cleansing process, more severe negative energy problems can be solved by adding lime to your diet or even placing halved limes around your house.

Just be careful to replace limes as they turn.

Not only does the cleansing effect fade away as the lime blackens, but keeping a blackened lime is like keeping a ball of negative energy in your home.

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