1212 meaning – From what I can recall, the meaning of 1212, is that we are being called to service, its a call of assistance from mother earth, you are to assist her in the birth of a new earth.

When you see this number, you being asked to aid with, ascension, the evolution of mankind and to create a new positive earth. Much of this.. is done through our thoughts, our actions, our words. I believe it is very important we try our best to remain in a positive mindset, to be optimistic, helpful and constructive, we can motivate and encourage others to follow. The meaning of 1212 signifies a dramatic leap in evolution and when we do see these numbers, we know that we are given guidelines from a much higher source. Just like computers download programs for a particular requirement, we as humans can also download communication from higher sources.


1212 meaning – The symbolism and meaning of 1212 is a reminder for us to evolve, its time to raise the vibration. The message is sent to us from source to us, Gaia, Planet Earth. Just like crystals get used in computers and watches, Mother Earth is receiving the program into her as matrix of crystals which are hidden deep within her.

What is a Repeating Number Pattern?

You are probably wondering what is a repeating number ? Repeating numbers are signs from a much higher source, the Universe might be pinging you to take notice, here are some basic repeating numbers. 111 or 11:11 is the wake up call, its a very magical number to see. When you do see the repeat of 1’s its like a magic wake up call, the symbolism of this number is to pay attention and look around, this is definitely a cosmic confirmation that you are on the right path.

1221 Meaning

1221 Meaning – The symbolism of the number 12 is creative expression and the meaning of 21 is combined creative expression. Both these numbers are very social, meaning they get very well in social situations.

However when they are combined as 12:21 meaning is very different, the combined number signifies idealism, health, harmony. Other symbolism include independence and cooperation.


With the added vibration of hearts wishful number 6 which resonates very well with the number 1221, except without those additional vibration of cooperation and independence, idealism, health, harmony and home. These symbolism are not in your hearts wishful number 6.

1222 Meaning in Numerologymeaning of 1212

1222 Meaning – The symbolism and meaning of the number 1222 is the collection of energy, with the caliber of number one and number two, number 2 is repeated 3 times, which triples its vibration. The number one motivates the characteristics of new beginning and creation, instinct, initiative, assertiveness, self leadership and you may step out of the comfort zone to obtain your desires. It also signifies your need to create your own reality with your beliefs and action.

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Meaning of Number 14 in Numerology

The vibrations of number 2 signifies, diplomacy, adaptability, flexibility, devotion, grace, co-operation, consideration, encouragement, sensibility, insight, devotion, faith, duality, harmony and balance. Number 2 also signifies trust and faith to fulfill your life purpose and path.

1234 Meaningmeaning of 1212

Number 1234 Meaning – The numerology symbolism of the number 1234 is that its similar to the number 1 awareness of leadership and to break new ground. In inclusion to, it also signifies teamwork and it has signs that your need for building a foundation for the future.

The symbolism of numbers 1234 is much higher than 1, as it begins at 1, its does full circle and also ends at 1. This number 1234 signifies a mixture containing the ideas of, Creativity, Teamwork, Independence, Exploration and Self-determination.

The numbers 1234 signifies, that you need to be on the look out for better and new ways to be, do things and acquire knowledge and experience.