The Merkaba activation experience is a beautiful, spiritual journey that you go through as you awaken the light energy within you.

Through it, you will unlock the power within, allowing you access to your light body as your mind, body, and soul change at a fundamental level.

But it’s not all a bed of roses.

Whether you go through the experience naturally or intentionally through meditation and breathing exercises.

Doing these breathing techniques to release the energy, is a transformation a tumultuous time in your life.

Knowing what to expect, how to spot the signs, and what to do to help the process along will empower you to own your awakening and gain access to higher dimensions of consciousness.Merkaba Activation Experience - Merkaba symbols

Undertaking awakening is a highly personal journey, and one only you can take.

Only you can work with your Merkaba; it is yours and yours alone – though there is some value in working with a healer if you are struggling.

Merkaba Activation Symptoms

For some people, these Merkaba activation symptoms will show up naturally as their energy builds, whereas, for others, they will start to show once the intent activates.

Physical pain – Unexplained aches, pain, and sore spots are practicing, as are headaches. Less common are flu symptoms, back problems, joint issues, and migraines.

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Sadness and depression – You have an aching sadness that you can’t find the source of as your old life melts away.

Hanging in limbo – You are between jobs, or stagnant in one. Your love life is lacking. You’re craving change and transformation, and searching for your passion.

Solitude – You feel more and more that you need to be alone, and withdraw from your family and friends. You have a lot of thinking to do.

Poor sleep patterns – You find it hard to keep a sleep schedule, which isn’t helped by dark nightmares and stressful dreams.

Lost in thought – You too deep in thought, a thousand miles away from where you’re standing. Contemplating your place in the universe has become a common occurrence.

Merkaba Activation Process

The Merkaba activation process that causes these symptoms and helps you to unlock your power and activate your light body is quite a simple one.

Through regular use of breathing exercises and the use of techniques like meditation, you can activate your Merkaba entirely on your own.

However, some methods require expert instruction, so consider using a healer if you are struggling.

The purpose of the meditation and breathing exercises is the “spin up” the Merkaba.

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Through manipulation of energy flow, these techniques are designed to speed up the spin of the two tetrahedrons that form it.

It is the interplay of these two objects that creates the energy field; some call the “light body.”

This energy field is what you see when you see an aura.

The process is continuous rather than occasional.

If you begin and end every day by following a meditation guide, practicing your breathing exercises and keeping your energy clear, you will achieve activation sooner rather than later.