If you are looking for the Merkaba Star meaning, then you have joined a journey of discovery that is millennia old.

In physical terms, the Merkaba Star is a type of crystal that is a vehicle for ascension.

It is most commonly used by those on a highly spiritual healing path.

However, anybody in touch with their soul can use a Merkaba Star to raise their vibration and aid in their healing.

Understanding The Merkaba Star Meaning

Merkaba comes from three concepts – Mer, representing light energy; Ka, representing the astral plane and higher dimensions; and Ba, representing the physical plane and the body.merkaba star meaning - woman meditating with star symbol

Within Merkaba is everything that allows us to exist as spiritual-physical beings.

As a whole, it provides the basis for the mind-body-soul connection at the root of spiritual practice.

The crystal itself embodies this state of being. When held and the proper techniques are applied, the energy around you will begin to excite and swirl.

We are all made from Source energy, which nourishes your subtle body and helps with chakra healing – alongside a host of other benefits.

Much healing has been achieved with just a basic understanding of the Merkaba Star meaning.

However, to unlock the real power of this crystal, you have to be willing to delve even further.

A Vehicle For Transformation

The Merkaba Star is proficient for every type of healing. It is universal because it is emblematic of all spiritual beings, and therefore harmonizes with the energy of all souls.

However, to get the most out of it, you have to understand its true meaning and essence.

Notice how nowhere in the meaning so far have material things come to light.

Our connection to material wealth and physical pleasure is a symptom of existing in the physical plane.

We are tainted by it because we lack the direct link to the astral planes, leading most people to ignore their soul altogether.

In this way, existentialism is the antithesis of spiritual health. The two are incompatible – if you spend your time and effort worrying about the material world, you don’t have any time or energy left to spend on your soul.

Regular use of the Merkaba Star can help you to reconnect with your soul needs by raising your vibrations and clearing away the fog that keeps you short-sighted in the physical realm.

Merkaba Stars For Astral Travellers

A real, intuitive understanding of the Merkaba Star meaning requires lengthy study, meditation, and contemplation.

But for those willing to truly connect with this powerful symbol, it can unlock the ability to travel and sending energy through the astral plane.

For those on a healing path, this is of much use. Merkaba heals deep-rooted wounds, the power of Merkaba always shines through.

The Star can be used to aid in lucid dreaming, astral projection, and telepathy.

So if you want to unlock the power of Merkaba, follow the path of true mind-body-soul harmony and reject the temptation of the physical world for the love and light of the astral plane.

Merkaba Sacred Geometry – Star Tetrahedron

The Merkaba sacred geometry is the star tetrahedron. The geometry shape comes from cutting the four corners of the cube.

Which forms the tetrahedron, not only does the cube contain one tetrahedron but two. One tetrahedron is within the other, each an exact reflection of the other.

Star Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry Meaning:

The two tetrahedrons ( Star Tetrahedron), also known as the Merkaba. Have meaning and govern the matter and meta worlds.

All Sacred geometries have a purpose and govern the laws of the universe.

The Merkaba sacred geometry is no different. It represents the innermost laws of the physical and meta-worlds. In the creation of reality, they run opposite laws. The law of Matter and the law of Metta.

Metta Is Life: The law of Metta radiates, is selfless and always giving.

Matter Is Resistance: The law of Matter is going inwards, solidifying, and creating.