Merkaba is a state of total awareness. When we fill our spiritual fields with an immaculate amount of love, a perpetual light starts to fuel our souls, which awakens our light body or Merkaba.

Merkaba gives us the ability to unlock the 4th and 5th dimensions of our physical and spiritual human form.

Here are the signs of a Merkaba or light body activation,

Intense physical pain marks Merkaba. You will have persistent episodes of body aches, flue etc. This pain can be traced back to our DNA. When a light body is forming, significant changes are happening at the genetic level.

Although this might have a bruising impact on your physical form temporarily, in the long run, it frees you of disease and slows down the effects of ageing.

Sadness will strain you, and you will not be able to track down the reason behind it because there isn’t one.

This happens because you are shedding your past life. You are clearing the debris that has accumulated over the course of your entire life and replacing it with unceasing light.

You will find it hard to settle in a job. You’ll lose heart in the whole concept of careers. You will feel as if working and earning money is meaningless. This mindset will continue to linger on until you find a job that you genuinely love.

Isolation is one of the common symptoms of Merkaba. You will retire from the company of your close friends, family and loved ones. Even if you’re in their company, you’ll feel lonely and distraught. Merkaba breaks the old bonds and replaces them with new ones.

This Karmic destruction is inevitable no matter how much you try to resist it. After the light body is formed, you will regain your ability to build new bonds.

Your sleep patterns will be erratic. You might wake up at 2 am in the night and feel suffocated. It’s because your body is expending a lot of energy during the formation of the light body.

Instead of going back to bed, you can stay awake and indulge yourself in a healthy activity.

Nightmarish dreams are likely to haunt you. You might feel trapped in these disturbing dreams. They’ll seem extraordinary real and convincing.

During Merkaba, you’ll feel as if you’re afloat. You’ll feel as if there is a buoyant force trying to pull you towards the skies. You might also feel trapped between two worlds.

Your consciousness skips ahead of your body during Merkaba, and a feeling of ascension might ensue because of it.

You might find yourself preoccupied with thought, conversing with your inner consciousness, trying to constantly communicate with it. You’re trying to develop a healthy rapport with it.

As the conversations increase, you’ll both get to know each other better, and the uneasiness between you and your consciousness will fade away. After sometimes, it will feel as if you’re talking to a friend and words will start to come easy.