The Orion spiritual meaning relates to the constellation of Orion and the starseeds that arrived from there.

In every ancient civilization, this constellation played a central role in religion, culture, and science.

It also came into a wealth of symbolic meanings that have come to light over the millennia.

We know that this pivotal star system helped to form humanity and our civilizations.

Today, the starseeds from Orion help to elevate humanity and usher in a new age of enlightenment and ascension here on Earth.

The Orion Constellation

Orion is the most prominent constellation that is visible throughout the world. It is because it sits on the celestial equator.

The name comes from Orion, a hunter in Ancient Greek mythology that placed amongst the stars by Zeus.

This constellation was held to symbolize many gods and mythical figures across ancient civilizations all around the world.

It held importance to the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Polynesians, Babylonians, and many more.

It’s three brightest stars from Orion’s Belt, the most recognizable feature of this star system.

To this day there are still monuments to Orion that appeared before the beginning of recorded history.

In Egypt, there are pyramids that are intricately aligned with the constellation.

They have more accuracy in their position than many modern structures intended to do the same thing, a testament to the importance it played in the lives of ancient people.

Orion Starseed Meaning

The Orion Starseeds came to Earth between the 60s and the 90s, bringing with them a wave of enlightenment intended to move humanity forward towards ascension.

They are one of a few Starseed races that have arrived on this planet to help bring us into a new age.

Starseeds are born in human bodies here on Earth, but their souls originate from elsewhere – in this case, Orion.

They lack the memory of their old lives as we all do, but during awakening, some of these memories restore, and many more are made accessible through ritual.

Each Starseed race has its own mission, though really they are all moving towards the same set of goals.

They utilise a different approach that suits their gifts.

Orion Starseeds display the following characteristics:

  • Logical: You prefer to think things through with a rational mind, justifying your opinions and beliefs with facts and logical rigor.
  • Need Validation: You spend a lot of time forming your opinions, so when others have a difference of opinion with you, it annoys you.
  • Value Knowledge: You love to learn new things. Given a chance, you would spend every moment learning about the universe and our place in it. You tend to come out on top in arguments simply because you know more than the other person, but this can rub them the wrong way.
  • Sensitive: Being from Orion, you are particularly sensitive to energy changes around you. This vulnerability makes you susceptible to evil forces and negative energy, causing you to withdraw from social situations earlier than others as it all starts to exhaust you.

They also have many gifts that assist them with their soul mission here on Earth:

  • You know your mission and have a solid drive to see humanity enlightened and ascending. You understand the laws of love and light that govern the vibration of humanity.
  • You understand the problems we face as a species and acknowledge the need for peace and balance to be available to all. So many people live without knowledge of their place in the universe.
  • You have an uncanny ability to help people see the beauty and value of humanity and the world we live in. You inspire people to greatness – to dream big and chase hard.
  • You have incredible follow-through. You don’t leave things half completed because your time is limited, and a job worth doing is worth seeing through.

Orion Spiritual Wisdom

Those who identify with Orion personify Cosmic Wisdom and Spiritual Knowledge, the keys to the enlightenment of humanity.

Often having striking blue eyes that seem to look right through you, they carry within them the codes to ascension within their DNA.

By living here on Earth, they can inject wisdom and knowledge into the human race via spiritual teaching.

Orion’s wisdom makes for some of the most excellent spiritual teachers.

Many historical spiritual leaders were born under Orion – his birth date was changed later to coincide with pagan winter solstice celebrations in Northern Europe.

Many ascended masters were born under Orion, especially those who directly taught others and developed a devoted following.

Orion Spiritual Knowledge

The knowledge that those under Orion possess is not the same as the knowledge that we are familiar with.

Make no mistake, they tend to possess lots of mundane knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge.

This comes from their high intellect and propensity for and enjoyment of learning.

Most of the time, they are the most knowledgable person in the room on a randomly selected topic.

However, it is their spiritual knowledge that sets them apart.

Spiritual knowledge is attained through strong links to the ancient wisdom of Orion.

By meditating on the star system, they can recall parts of their soul’s history and in so doing regain some of the knowledge they lost on their journey here.

Through this process of meditation and epiphany, Orions can gain in-depth knowledge and understanding beyond that which the rest of us are capable.

They would do well to remember that this is not a “gift.” Not really.

We can better describe this gift as a responsibility.

Orion starseeds have this knowledge that nobody else has, so it is their responsibility to share it with the world.

This gift of knowledge is why so many gravitate to careers as teachers.

It is an effective way of spreading enlightenment and raising vibrations to as many people as possible, and fits with their demeanor and plays to their strengths.