Past Life Lovers – Were You Lovers In a Past Life?

Past Life Lovers – Ever had that amazing instant connection and attraction with some one, you felt that you knew them right from the start and you knew them forever when you met them ? Never doubt what you felt, as it is possible you were lovers in a past life and cared for each other.

Most frequently these types of feelings tend to appear in the early phase of the relationship. You recognize each others dislikes and likes, or knowing what they are going to say and an attraction that goes beyond physical.


From my experience you may have the same dream while both of you are sleeping. What if you don’t experience these feelings of knowing each other right away ? thats ok too later in the relationship those feelings will come. Have you ever instinctively known that your partner is in trouble or upset ?…

The term here is instinct. People who instinctively know things use their psychic intuition, this talent lies hidden in all of us. For those who have been on the spiritual journey the instinct works straight away for others it takes time to establish. Whatever the situation is, fact is you have known your partner much longer than it seems possible.

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Past Life Lovers Reunited and Intertwined

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Do you assume you and your partner have met before in a past life, then there are clues you can look for. The first clue is, if you both share an interest in a particular stage in history ? maybe you and your partner encounter dreams about certain case that may seem unimportant to your life. When we do meet someone who we have shared a past life with, the depths of our mind begin to connect on a higher level.

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We are able to link on a psychic level, before we have even met. This is because our higher self is attuned to find the best in life and always on the hunt for positive energy. An example of this connection is when people meet online and connect without a physical meeting.


Think of this as a radio which has a specific frequency, and you also accept that its possible that someone else may send and receive on the same frequency. Even though you have not met this person you are communicating with, you are aware of the feeling of vague emptiness in your life.

Your psychic Intuition (Past Life Lovers)

past life lovers 3The instinct is your psychic intuition or your psychic antenner for transmitting messages and and receiving them. These message will be vague in the beginning, but they are the foundation for a deeper understanding. For individuals who experience the sense that they have met some one before, which happens on the first meeting. The ether is buzzing with all the psychic conversation.

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It’s easier to understand if you accept reincarnation. Reincarnation allows you to experience infinite number of souls on your journey. In essence you are infinity experiencing a physical life, you are reborn many times.

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