Looking for the penguin spirit animal meaning? Your penguin spirit animal appears to you when you need a reminder of the power of friendship, family and community.

It also lends you determination and drives during times of hardship.

Unlocking the power of your penguin spirit animal will help you to pull together with others to tackle the obstacles you face.

Penguin Spirit Animal Meaning | Friendship, Family, Community

Penguins live in large colonies of up to a couple of hundred thousand mating pairs, making them one of the most social animals on the planet.

In penguin colonies, it is of great of importance to each family to be focused on community and to uphold a respectful collective responsibility.

Every penguin is expected to contribute to the safety of the settlement.Penguin Spirit Animal Meaning - penguins in the arctic

Your penguin spirit animal reminds you of the power of having an interactive, inclusive and like-minded community around you.

There is safety in numbers, and your goals will be easier to achieve if you have a support network around you.

Penguins are also very family oriented. Male and female penguins share hunting responsibilities, with one going to get food while the other looks after the chicks before swapping out.

Your penguin spirit animal signifies the need to balance responsibility within the family.

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When everyone chips in, everyone is better off. An all hands on deck attitude work best, not only because goals are easier to achieve with help, but also because everybody feels like they are contributing.

Determination & Drive During Hardship

When you are going through a rough time, it can be easy to give up and surrender to whatever fate befalls you.

During the antarctic’s coldest periods, penguins huddle together for warmth against the raging snowstorms and biting winds. But when there are chicks to feed, there are chicks to feed.

Penguins will brave the harshest weather conditions to get enough fish to feed their young and themselves.

Your penguin spirit animal reminds you that your responsibilities aren’t dependant on you being in the mood to meet them. When something needs doing, it needs doing.

The weather isn’t the only problem for penguins. When faced with predators, they don’t give up on their hunting expedition – instead, they swim past in high enough numbers that each is likely to make it.

Your penguin spirit animal imbues you with the determination and drives to face down your biggest fears to overcome difficult situations.

First Impressions Count

Penguins are big on preening, always ensuring that their feathers are clear of debris and dirt.

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Such grooming serves a purpose, as their swimming ability relies on them being hydrodynamic in the water and clean feathers are a requirement.

They also do this to attract potential mates, and female penguins are known to be very fussy about male penguins appearance.

Your penguin spirit animal reminds you of the need to maintain personal hygiene and to groom yourself well to make good first impressions.

It’s all well and good being an excellent person with drive and ambition, but if you don’t look the part, then you will get fewer opportunities to succeed.

Looking good isn’t about vanity – your penguin spirit animal is merely reminding you always to put your best foot (or flipper) forward.