There are many different colours of aura. Aura is the electromagnetic field located around an individual that depicts complete information about person’s thoughts, feelings, and abilities.

Rainbow colour aura is not very common; there are not many people who are blessed with all the colours of the rainbow in their aura.

These people are highly positive and have many distinctive qualities that make them different from others in the crowd.

The first children to be incarnated on earth were rainbow children, and it is said that they also had the rainbow aura around them.

Very high energy frequency is required to generate rainbow aura, and it is mainly present in two forms: brilliant coloured stripes and pale rainbow hues.

Rainbow Aura Meaning:

Healers mostly have the rainbow aura – these are the people who know how to deal with energy fields of the body. These individuals are highly evolved spiritually.

They vibrate with the frequency of the fifth dimension. The main aim of these people is to serve others who are in need. These people love their life and want to treasure every moment of it.

Here are the most distinguishing traits of these people.


These people are interesting, and people love to be around them, but it is not easy to understand them.

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These are the passionate people who know their life goals and are very strong and energetic. Their souls are very sensitive and react to others ailments instantly.


Like their aura, they love to be around many different people. They have no rules for making friends. You will see all kinds of people in their company.

They are the friendliest individuals to be with. They are not selfish at all. They don’t force their feelings on others and happily accept them for who they are.


These people when in a relationship are highly passionate and loving. You wouldn’t regret being in a relationship with a rainbow person.

They are strong-willed people and only want harmony and happiness in life. They want to be with people who are like them and share the same qualities.

Decision Making:

Rainbow aura people make instant decisions; they know what is right and what is wrong and they stick by their decision. Even though when they can’t explain what’s going on in their mind, they know their conclusion is correct.

No Depression:

You will not find a rainbow person in grief or depresses. They are positive souls, who can easily find positivity in all the negativities. Although they can get easily hurt, they know how to heal themselves.

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Occupation: As they love to help and serve others, they usually select professions that let them do what they like to do.

They are mostly doctors, therapists, and healers. They generally find their life partners in their working area because of their shared interest.

The people having a rainbow aura are very powerful and beautiful. They are full of energy and highly optimistic.

They want to serve humanity in whatever way they can. When you meet a person having a rainbow aura, their magic will remain on your mind for years.