Orbs are a paranormal phenomenon with a lot of evidence to back it up. They come in a vast range of different sizes and colours – but the rainbow orb is perhaps the most enigmatic.

Rainbow orbs are souls or spirits that are touched by the entire spectrum of cosmic vibrations.

Stumbling across a rainbow orb can be exhilarating. If you have experienced one, then you were fortunate to do so.

What’s So Special About Rainbow Orbs?

The colour of an orb tells us the intent of the spirit. For instance, white orbs are often protective or healing, whereas black orbs are usually negative energy beings hoping to sap energy.

But rainbow orbs are multi-coloured, containing all of the positive energy colours within its sphere.rainbow orbs e1556783094683

These orbs are not usually trapped spirits or lost souls. Instead, they are precisely where they intend to be for their chosen purpose.

Rainbow Orb Guardians

The spirits that become rainbow orbs have the intent to guard a precious part of the world or in some cases a person.

They are often seen out in nature, floating in amongst the trees and foliage.

Their unique energy signatures have a cleansing effect on the surrounding area, ridding it of any negative energy that might otherwise accumulate.

Orbs have an incredible cleansing effect on all they visit. You might even be able to see that cleansing effect by inspecting the immediate area.

The plants, trees and animals in that area will likely be flourishing, guarded as they are by the rainbow orb.

Why Am I Seeing Rainbow Orbs?

The thing is, rainbow orbs aren’t particularly forward spirits. Orbs are notriously a bit shy. So much so that they often move light objects like balloons and feathers to show their loving intention

Perhaps more accurately it would be a lack of time and need. Rainbow orb spirits are busy with their guardianship, after all.

So when one appears to you, you know that it was intentional. You saw the rainbow orb because it allowed you to see it.

For you it could mean one of two things:

Meaning Of Rainbow Orb Encounters

The first reason a rainbow orb encounter might occur is that the spirit needs assistance.

It recognises you as an ally and a force for good and hopes that you will assist in its guardianship.

Take the time to tend the area, ensuring any litter or other pollutants and rubbish are removed from the surroundings.

Burn a little sage if you have it on you, or perhaps perform a cleansing ritual or nature meditation.

The second meaning of a rainbow orb encounter is that you have done well in your respect for the cosmic energy of your surroundings.

Think of it as like a little nod of thanks that comes with a spark of high vibration cosmic energy.

You might come away from an encounter like this feeling as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

The cleansing effect of a rainbow orb encounter is a beautiful feeling.

No matter the meaning, you should cherish the memory of meeting a rainbow orb. It is a rare privilege to be in the presence of one.