If you have real violet eyes, then you have the rarest eye color of all.

They are so unique that there is a lot of uncertainty as to whether or not they are real.

The most famous person to supposedly have purple eyes was Elizabeth Taylor, though there is some disagreement as to whether her eyes were violet/purple or if they were just a warm shade of blue.

This eye color represents a medical condition called Alexandria’s Genesis.

A rare disorder named after Alexandria Augustine, who was born in Egypt in the year 1015.

She lived to be over 100 years old and her two children were both born with violet eyes too.

It was the earliest case recorded – being recorded by a priest who was approached by Alexandria’s mother shortly after giving birth to her.

The priest was afraid that her infant daughter was under an evil spell.

As it turned out, her “condition” was a blessing. With her longevity, beauty, and purity being put down to her violet eyes.

Some believe that she was one of a particular group of people who personify perfection.

However, much of the story of Alexandria has been challenged in the centuries since and doctors have put many of the other claims made about her condition to bed.

For instance, she did not experience menstruation yet remained fertile, and she rarely if ever needed to use the bathroom.

These claims are easily dismissed by modern medical knowledge and are probably details added later to make the story more gripping.

But some of the claims have some credibility to them. In fact, it is far from simple to sort fact from fiction on this topic.

Are Violet Eyes Real?

If you perform a Google image search for “violet eyes,” you will get a lot of results showing people with the most brilliant, vibrant, vivid violet glowing in their eyes.

They are fake. It is a mixture of makeup, contact lenses, and editing techniques designed to achieve this look from someone with naturally blue eyes.

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Using the right eye-shadow and lighting, anyone with blue eyes can get them to look this way.

So we can discount images found on the internet as evidence that this is a real phenomenon.

However, there are several records from doctors, priests, and other community leaders from throughout history that does support the notion that there are some people with this color eye.

An important note to make here is that there is no scientific consensus on this.

It is known to be theoretically possible to have or develop the right pigments and internal structure to display purple irises – it just hasn’t been observed in a scientific setting.

On the balance of probability, there are probably people out there who do have brilliant violet eyes.

However, they have yet to make themselves known – so if you’re out there, get in touch!

It can be pretty safely said, on the other hand, that Elizabeth Taylor had blue eyes.

Alexandria’s Genesis & Real Violet Eyes

Those with the genetic condition “Alexandria’s Genesis” have violet eyes.

They also have pale skin that is immune to burning and sun damage. Also increased longevity up to 150 years, perfect body shape and limited need for “eliminating waste.”

Although this is not a recognized condition today, it was considered a valid diagnosis for nearly a thousand years.

It has always been sporadic, so the documented case are few and far between.

Combine this with the age of the sources, and it is complicated to sort the truth from the exaggeration and the fiction.

But if the reports are accurate, there are several reasons why it would make sense for these people to exist.

We all know that humanity is undergoing an evolution.

Spiritual evolution is taking place as humanity’s vibrations rise, and our collective consciousness approaches ascension to a higher dimension.

But physical evolution is going on alongside it.

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It needs to facilitate spiritual development, as there are changes to our DNA that are in the process of happening now that are necessary for humanity to reach enlightenment.

Some people see Alexandria’s Genesis as an example of our evolving DNA. It is supported by a few truths that we already know.

Changes in eye color are a symptom of ascension to higher levels of consciousness. This is common and well documented.

Violet is a particularly spiritual color, representing spiritual awareness and the higher senses as well as psychic power and enhanced abilities in this area.

Increased longevity, pale skin that is impervious to the sun, and ideal physical beauty are all evidence of an evolved being in our midst.

But little is known as to whether this is the case. There could be more mundane reasons for this striking eye color.

Are Real Violet Eyes Linked To Albinism?

Albinism is a condition that many animals (including humans) are prone. It is rare and produces pale skin, a lack of body hair, a lack of hair pigment, and other symptoms.

One symptom is a reddening of the iris. This reddening applied to naturally blue eyes could produce the shades of purple we are seeing.

However, albinism is well studied, and few albino people have claimed to have violet eyes so that the link might be purely coincidental.

Do You Have Violet Eyes?

If you have violet eyes or an eye color that sometimes appears that way, there are ways you can make the most out of your natural beauty.

When it comes to makeup, a little goes a long way. You already have striking eyes; you don’t need to accentuate them too much.

Use grey eye-shadow and dark eye-liner to bring out the cool aspect of the violet, or go with purples and pinks to add a little smolder to your look.

Cool greens and metallic colors are great complements in terms of clothing and accessories.