8 Signs A Male Coworker Likes You

There are many oblivious signs a male coworker likes you. In a workspace, one thing that eludes even the most perceptive of females is the presence of a guy who makes subtle advances towards them.

To help you spot an interested coworker, we’ve compiled a list of signs.

Signs a Male Coworker Likes You

He’ll inquire about your Relationship Status

He’ll take an interest in your personal life. In a not-so-subtle way, he’ll try to figure out if you’re currently in a relationship.

“Get out of here already; don’t you have a boyfriend waiting for you?”

Sentences like these are, in actuality, concealed inquiries. Don’t think that it’s just office small talk. He’s trying to figure out if you’re single or not.

He’s always trying to engage you in Conversation

He tries to kick-start a conversation with you on random topics, such as gardening, sports or on almost anything.

Even though the office is full of people he can verbally approach, he chooses you. Why? Well, because he’s really into you.

Does he frequently involve you in his decisions, from choosing his outfit to deciding the theme of a party? If so, then get the hint!

He Goes above and Beyond to help you out

In his own awkward way, he’s always trying to help you around the office.

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He knows that he’s stalked with work, but he’d rather help you out than himself.

Grabbing a coffee for you or covering a shift like its nothing isn’t something he’d do for everyone. There’s a reason why he’s giving you the special treatment.

He’s Frank

He tries to be frank with you. Sometimes, he’ll reveal something personal about himself candidly. “I love the rain; it makes me feel alive”.

I mean, he definitely won’t say something like this to everyone. Only because he likes you, he’s willing to reveal an emotional aspect of his personality.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants a relationship with you. Maybe he needs someone to talk to, but 9 out of 10 times, this emotional need turns into a committed relationship.

He shares his Future Plans with You

He tells you about his career plans and ambitions. Men don’t share their life goals with almost everyone, even if they’re work-related.

They only do so for two reasons: to impress or to garner encouragement.

He Flirts with You

A flirtatious behaviour is one of the most obvious signs a male coworker likes you. I mean, sure he won’t flirt with you in a revealing manner, but he’ll still throw subtle compliments at you.

Humour is a medium which is often used by guys to woo females. He’ll joke around and show you that you can have a good time with him.

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He reminds you of Your Schedule

He remembers your birthday, your appointment and even a dinner with your family and reminds you of it. Is he your assistant? No! He’s just taking a personal interest in your life because he’s curious about you.

He wants to discover more about you any chance he gets.

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