[lmt-post-modified-info]Soul contracts are proof human beings have living associations with others.

They remind us that we’re spiritual beings and have come down on this planet to enlighten our souls with new love and bonds.

Soul contracts bind us to our friends, twin flames and soulmates so they can teach us valuable lessons and transcend us to a higher vibration.

Mainly, romantic relationships form the cornerstone of these pre-birth agreements.

It’s understandable because they’re the most powerful and lasting relationships we have in our lifetimes.

The density of energy exchanged in these arrangements is so significant that it has an eternal impact on our spiritual bodies.

However, this is not to say that platonic soul contracts don’t hold significance in the greater context of our individual vibrations.

They also have a masterful capacity to alight our beings. Sometimes, a soul contract with a pet dog is so tremendously vibrant that it stands to change the course of our entire lives.

Recognizing Soul Contracts

Recognizing soul contracts is key to understanding their importance in our lives.

Once you come to terms with the purpose of your agreement, you can unlock a whole new level of awareness to explore its subtle dynamics comprehensively.

Many signs can help you identify the presence of a soul contract. Have you ever met someone and felt a strange familiarity with their existence?

Like they’re already a significant part of your life?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s highly likely you share a soul contract. The stirrings in your soul pay credence to its truth.

Sometimes, we come across someone who we feel incredibly vulnerable around. When we’re alone with them, we spill all our secrets, even though we’re usually defensive.

There’s no knot in our throat, and everything flows out of us, almost effortlessly.

When we feel this way, we have something more than just an “ordinary connection” with the person in question — perhaps a soul contract, we signed the terms of in another life.

In their absence, we feel shattered and lost, consumed by an indescribable emptiness we can’t fill with all the worldly luxuries at our disposal.

Their hold on our subconscious is so powerful that we even see them in our dreams.

We wake up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, shivering, either in pain or with a feeling of intense fear.

And when we’re in a committed relationship, we often have on and off periods, of breaking apart and reuniting.

This uncanny obsession is because of a fierce flame that refuses to die down.

It’s a frightening reminder that we’re tied in the strong knot of a soul contract.

Negative Soul Contracts

Sometimes, the contract we make in our past lives have a tragic impact on our earthly existence. A common example of this is the vow of obedience.

Often, in abusive relationships, we continue to agree to our partners’ unreasonable demands because we haven’t processed our karmic debt.

Sometimes, these vows also affect our ability to self-love.

Instead of putting our spiritual growth first, we step out of our way to help others, even though they make us feel worthless.

Types of Negative Soul Contracts

Here’s a complete list of negative soul contracts to further nudge you in the right direction.

Soul Contract of Martyrdom

Do you find yourself constantly trapped in patterns of self-loathing?

You might have made a vow of martyrdom in a past life.

When we refuse to put our needs first and pounce at the opportunity to affiliate with people who don’t have our best interests at heart, we develop harmful self-destructive tendencies.

We have this urge to make others happy to continually reassure ourselves we’re a good person, instead of finding pathways to self-validation.

These behaviors are a sign of insecurity and often arise when we think everyone hates us and doesn’t give us the same privileges others are offered almost scot-free.

If you muster the resolve to break this soul agreement, you can realign your life and step into your purpose.

You will start to realize that there’s nothing more significant than individual growth — it’s the only way to connect with people who have a much higher vibration.

Soul Contract of Loyalty

The soul contract of loyalty contractually bounds you to abusive lovers, uncaring bosses, and narcissistic friends.

You continue to give these people a free pass even though they’re clearly in the wrong.

You refuse to stand up for yourself and voice your concerns, even though they bombard you with disparaging comments.

Consequently, you fall prey to a vicious cycle of abuse. The people close walk over you like a disposable bag.

You know you want to change things, but uncontrollable circumstances always hamper your progress.

Once you find a way to release this soul contract, rest assured you’ll have the confidence to let go of the wrong people in your life.

Soul Contracts of Loneliness

If your search for your soulmate has taken years out of your life, then you’re bound to isolate yourself, thinking love is a horrible sham.

Being met with failure after failure in relationships, and accumulating heartbreak and sadness can seriously affect your drive for affection.

From blind dates to online dating, you’ve considered every possibility but can’t seem to catch a break.

You might hold the cruelty of the human race responsible for your terrible fate, perhaps out of spite, but the fact of the matter is there might be a soul contract of loneliness holding you back from the better things in life.

It’s a big deal and really hard to let go of.

Upon releasing this contract, you’ll find most of your problems weren’t material but rather spiritual.

Soul Contract of Anxietysoul contracts

Suffocating under a blanket of anxiousness is one of the worst feelings in the world.

You constantly overthink and dream up scenarios that target your weakness and insecurities, leaving you mentally drained and exhausted.

One after the other, the thoughts pile on your senses, and the only escape you can think of is bashing your head in the wall or opening a vein.

The soul contract of anxiety shackles you to this state of mind.

When you release its curse, you’ll find your way back to your intuition.

Things will come naturally to you, and you will no longer feel a mental fog clouding your thoughts.

Soul Contract – When the Boat Rockssoul contracts

Social anxiety forms the epicenter of this contract. You’re afraid to socialize with friends, or seen in public.

In your mind, you’ve reinforced a self-image, which you hate and don’t want to be on display for others.

As a result, you resort to conformity, and dampen your soul’s fire in your comfort zone, instead of adventuring and seeking something beyond the truth of your existence.

You think you have to protect your appearance, financial status, and other material belongings even if they cost you your life.

Removing this contract, you’ll realize these delusions were making a fool out of you.

They were holding you back from unlocking your latent potential and living your life to the fullest.

Soul Contracts In Relationships

As we’ve already mentioned, soul contracts associated with romantic relationships lay the brickwork for an indomitable bond.

Especially, in the time you share with your twin flame, you’ll realize the dominating presence of their power in your life.

No matter how much you’ll try, your twin flame will run back to you, or you’ll chase them to the ends of the world.

Even when everything else is perfectly fine in your life, you’ll feel something missing in your soul.

You will feel like you have to seek something, and you don’t have the map. But you know they’re the only ones who can bring happiness and meaning into your life.

The same goes for soul mates. When we develop strong connections with our friends and family, we feel their presence and loss with all our hearts.

How To Break Soul Contracts Or Release Themsoul contracts

Step 1 – Understand the Clauses of your Soul Contract

You have to realize it’s not always in your power to release a soul contract, but that’s not how it works—the world functions on the laws of spontaneity.

First, you naturally accept the purpose behind the laying down of the contract and then proceed to gradually unwinding its knots.

It’s like treating a disease. First, you diagnose its symptoms and then proceed to prescribe medications to alleviate its effects.

So, if you don’t understand that the soul contract exists and affecting your life, you can’t move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Master Emotional Awareness

The second step is awareness. Spend some time exploring the soul contract.

Ask yourself: How has the contract stopped you from living your life?

How can you resolve the issues it’s compelling you to see?

If it’s something related to your career, are you taking enough measures to ensure you’re in the right profession?

Have you really thought your choices through before cornering yourself into something you hate beyond words?

For instance, if you’re dealing with the soul contract of anxiety, instead of being consumed by your fears, try to steady yourself.

Why are these anxious thoughts troubling you?

Are you giving importance to things that jeopardize your peace of mind?

Are you constantly trying to fix a relationship you know is unsalvageable?

Does this relationship make you feel frustrated and darn right, irritated?

Does it cause you to react erratically?

Awareness and conscientiousness let you see things from a sobering viewpoint and helps you make smart choices, instead of being sucked into a whirlpool of negative emotions.

Once you start to see the patterns of your thoughts, you will find it a lot easier to recognize and release their grip.

Step 3 – Clarity in Choice

After mastering emotional awareness, you will have a sense of guiding clarity that will show you the way.

Instead of jumping to conclusions, you will pause, take a breath, and then decide your next move.

Writing your thoughts down is also a great way of releasing your ego and breaking your soul contract.

For instance, if your friends ask you to go on a trip to Hawaii or Japan, if you have clarity of choice, you will think about your answer before refusing their offer.

You will question your instincts.

Why is it that I always say “no” to the people I love and care about?

Why is it that my reaction is always so negative?

Is there something holding me back?

Once you start asking the right questions, you’ll also find the right answers.

Step 4 – Rewire and Release

Once you’ve understood the nuances of your soul contract, when and how it makes an appearance in your life, and makes it harder to live, you can speed up your divine timing and make smart decisions.

The more you reprogram your mind to make healthy choices, the more power you’ll have over your soul contract.

Final Thoughts

There is no wrong answer here. Releasing a soul contract is a process you have to walk yourself through to understand its patterns.

Once you’ve rewired your mind to be more aware and critical, you’ll find things a lot easier.