Who are soulmates? They are someone you share a deep level connection with. Such a connection has many dynamics which include the feelings of love and the recognition which goes past present time.

Contrary to many myths out there, a soulmate is not just your one true love who you will eventually marry and live with happily ever after. Your soul never has one specific outcome, because the soul is infinite and lives in the realm of many possibilities.

Soulmates are the catalyst for changing you, and these meetings are abundant with many growth opportunities. So when you meet your soulmate be aware, there are many opportunities for growth and change which can be very beneficial.

The following is a list of soulmate recognition signs based on personal experiences and knowledge I have gained from them;

4 Soulmate Recognition Signs

First Recognition

When you first meet your soulmate, there is always that instant connection, and you may even feel love. This defies any logical explanation you can think of because you don’t even know this person. However on some levels, you do know this person, but consciously you don’t.

Sometimes one partner may feel the recognition more than the other, partner who is slower to recognise the connection regards it as significant the moment they fully awoke from it, and they will remember when that moment occurred.

Magnetism and attraction

You are always drawn to each other, and you want to be around each other, and this happen through synchronicity, and something higher is guiding you both. Sometimes the attraction might taper off to allow growth and introspection. When you are separated from each other, and you are balanced and calm, you can still feel your soulmate no matter the distance.

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Sometimes you have to sacrifice

You have to sacrifice an old and rigid way of life which no longer serve you; one example would be, rigid view of love and how others think of it and how society believes it. Other things you have to sacrifice are negative and limiting beliefs, and how others should act, your soulmate will bring all of this to the surface by triggering them for you.


All soulmate connections have the potential for expansive growth, whenever growth opportunities get ignored, this happens mostly because of overwhelming focus on each other, so the intensity builds up. This buildup of energy can lead to separation or loss of attraction. When you let go of this focus and get back in balance and re-establish a connection with yourself, allowing self-growth reopens the flow of the relationship.

Soulmate connection may turn you upside down; they enable you to experience joy and also expose your deepest fears. However, the rewards are very high, and you should never navigate the path alone.

Which of these soulmate recognition signs have you noticed?