Distance is the cruellest killer of a relationship.

It’s tolerable to get over a person who cheated on you or made you feel miserable, but it’s excruciating to lose a soulmate because of geographical reasons.

It drives you insane, makes you feel helpless, and corners you into a dark pit of pain, where you are left alone to sulk in your abject loneliness endlessly.

It’s rare to meet someone who complements you in every sense of the word, someone who makes you feel like you are on cloud nine.

People rarely stumble upon someone who makes them feel like home. And when that home relocates, your soul shatters into tiny smithereens.

Not everyone is emotionally resilient enough to deal with the bruising effects of such a separation.

Going through Immense suffering is worth the trouble!

However, enduring this pain for your soulmate is worth it. People spend their whole lives in pursuit of their better half.

For most of them, this desperate search ends in failure. So, it’s stupid to lose hope, when you know that your soul mate is still alive and breathing.

As long as you know they are well and alive, and there is no point in giving up on them.

Constant reminders and Keeping in touch is key

Long distance relationships are hard to navigate. They require spiritual and material balance.

You have to remind yourself the worth of your soul-mate constantly.

You have to keep on replaying the fond memories you made with them inside your head.

The truth is that, sometimes, reminders won’t help.

Misunderstandings and assumptions will swarm your mind.

So, it’s important to make time for each other. A simple phone call or a text message will do wonders to sustain your love.

Envisioning a future together builds up hope

Soul-mates who are oceans away from each other plan the future together.

This gives them something to look forward to. They plan on buying a house for their kids and pets one day or studying together at a college.

These positive thoughts fill them up with hope.

Purging your mind of misunderstandings

One thing that distance creates is misunderstandings. You don’t know what your soul-mate is doing or who they are with.

When a person is kept in the dark, he becomes presumptuous. So, it’s essential that soul-mates stay in touch, clear out confusions, and give each other reassurances.

Otherwise, it’s all going to come crashing down.

If you believe in the plan of the universal source, then you’ll learn to let go of your soul mate when the time is ripe.

Because, if you’ve drained all your options and it’s still not working the way you want it to,  there’s no point in putting yourself in overwhelming mental pressure.

If you’re meant to be with your soul-mate, then you will be with them in the future, one way or another.

When soulmates lose their connection, they think all is lost, but that could not be farther from the truth.

You can always reunite with people at the right time and in the right place. All you need is a firm conviction.

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