Spiritual Awakening And Headaches: As we experience a spiritual awakening and our energies shift to a higher frequency.

The new energy patterns and vibrational frequencies have an effect on the body.

These effects can range from the barely noticeable to the hard to ignore.

One very common symptom of spiritual awakening is frequent headaches or even migraines.

These are often resistant to painkillers and just won’t seem to go away.

So let’s take a look at the reasons why we get headaches during spiritual awakening.

We need to know also how we can rid ourselves of these spiritual awakening headaches.

Spiritual Energy Shift

 During spiritual awakening our spiritual energy upshifts in vibrational frequency.

This extra energy flow courses through our chakras and subtle body energy centres.

When a virus gets into the bloodstream, our immune system goes into overdrive trying to deal with it.

You can see this sudden change in our spiritual energy such as during spiritual awakening.

This makes our chakras go into overdrive to try to deal with the new patterns and frequencies.

As you might imagine, this process can take its toll on the body.

But it isn’t the actual energy that has these effects, it’s our own body’s reaction.

Luckily, that means there are things that we can do about it.


Spiritual awakening, therefore, can cause headaches.

But why is this the most common symptom?

Well, the secret lies in the crown chakra:

The crown chakra can be found on the crown of the head.

It is the chakra most associated with spiritual awakening and ascension.

Therefore, during a spiritual awakening, almost all of the energy being added into our system is passing through the crown chakra, overactivating it beyond its usual capacity.

This can cause a slight swelling or inflammation of the muscles in the head, which in turn causes the dreaded headaches and migraines associated with spiritual awakening.

While these symptoms might be treated quite effectively by anti-inflammatories and over the counter painkillers, this doesn’t address the underlying problem.

 Curing Spiritual Awakening Headaches

 What follows is a tried and tested remedy:

Gather some crystals. Best here if available is amethyst stone, but clear quartz will do in a pinch.

  • Gather some scents. These can be either oils, candles or incense sticks. Go for lavender, sandalwood or menthol – lavender for the evening, menthol for the morning, sandalwood in a pinch.
  • Get the scents lit and most of the crystals laid out around the room.
  • Drink a large glass of water. Try to finish it, even if it’s difficult.
  • Lay down (once the water has settled) and take two of the crystals, one in each hand. You’re going to press them very gently on to the temples and roll them slowly.
  • Feel for the negative energy dispersing as the pain moves. In a way, we’re chasing and dispersing with the crystals, but its best to just apply pressure with the stones wherever the pain ends up.
  • Do this for around half an hour, longer if the headache persists.

That remedy comes highly recommended.

But honestly, the best route is prevention.

By ensuring that we keep up with our spiritual practice without pushing ourselves too hard, we can keep the energy shifts within manageable bounds.