The process of spiritual awakening will have a profound effect on you. One of the key changes you undergo when you awaken is the development of your intuition.

Your intuition can be thought of as your link to the hidden power that surrounds us, or the sense you use when interacting with spiritual energy fields.

As your intuition expands during spiritual awakening, it will unlock within you latent psychic powers. Knowing how to spot these changes and how to deal with them is crucial to the success of your spiritual awakening process.

Intuition – The Spiritual Sense

Intuition is your ability to sense the cosmic energy and the effects it has on yourself and the world around you.

We all develop our intuition to a certain level before spiritual awakening. When you have a “feeling” about someone that you can’t explain with words, that is your intuition at work.

But during awakening, your intuitive senses are expanding and becoming more conscious.

As you become more conscious of your intuition and the energy it interacts with, you are more able to control both.

Awakening Psychic Powers

Wielding your intuition to manipulate cosmic energy is the essence of exercising psychic powers.

Of course, any given psychic ability has more to it than intuition. You can’t just build your intuition to high levels and expect to develop these powers automatically.

But during the process of awakening, as your intuition expands, you will start to gain access to these psychic abilities – albeit in a small way.

It is up to you to develop these powers once you have unlocked within you.


There are a number of symptoms you will experience due to the expansion of your intuition during spiritual awakening:

Tingling sensations, especially around the chakras.

Heightened empathy, it can make you want to cut negative people out of your life.

Renewed desire for self-improvement, including improving your health and diet.

Sudden desire to explore lifes metaphysical side.

When your psychic powers are awakening, you will also experience:

Seeing/sensing spirits.

Vivid dreams that you remember, almost every night.

Heightened sensitivity, including both physical and spiritual senses.

External feelings, or thoughts and emotions that seem to have come from outside of yourself.

Occasionally, visual flashes when in places of high energy. This is related to your clair- abilities.

These symptoms will show up rarely and weakly when your awakening process starts, but tend to come thick and fast as time goes on.

Nurturing Psychic Powers During Awakening

It is essential that you take care of yourself during spiritual awakening, as this is an important time for the development of your inner senses and the psychic powers that stem from your intuition.

Meditation is always recommended as it is very important that you maintain inner balance during this crucial time.

If you can get a teacher or mentor for your psychic development, then that is ideal.

However, it is perfectly possible to rein in your developing psychic powers with practice on your own.

In either case, as your intuition develops you may find yourself gravitating towards a new group of friends – a community that understands your journey and can support you through it.