During spiritual awakening the Kundalini awakens from its dormant state and brings into effect a series of physical, emotional and mental changes that unlock your higher self.

Kundalini means “coiled” or “serpent”, which refers to the shape of it in its dormant state.

Some people wonder about the difference between Kundalini and cosmic energy.

In essence there is no difference, they are both terms that refer to the same natural forces.

However, the former is more specific and well described within Eastern traditions.

When it comes to spiritual awakening there is often much discussion about symptoms, stages and how to hurry the process along or deal with its problems.

There is often little discussion about the actual physical and spiritual process of Kundalini awakening.

Let’s remedy that, starting with what the Kundalini really is:

Spiritual Awakening: Kundalini Awakening

The Kundalini is the name given to the dormant (to begin with) cosmic energy that exists within each and every one of us from the moment of creation.

It is often represented as a coil, spiral or serpent. In its dormant state it is coiled three and a half times around the location of the Root chakra at the base of the spine.

In its totality it can be thought of as the container for your spiritual energy, while also being that energy simultaneously.

While all of your energy is coiled around your Root chakra you live at the lower end of the vibrational spectrum, which explains why awakening leads to higher thought.

During the course of awakening the Kundalini unfurls from its position around the Root chakra and makes its away upwards through the Sushumna.

The Sushumna is the energy pathway within your subtle body that allows cosmic energy to travel between chakras.

Your subtle body (or energy self) is held together by these pathways and the magnetic forces created by energy transfer across them.

As the Kundalini rises it reaches each chakra in turn.

With each chakra it reaches it immediately floods it with high vibrations, in most cases causing an immediate over-activation followed by a more gradual settling to balance.

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Spiritual Awakening: Kundalini Triggers

For the majority of those who awaken their Kundalini it is a slow, deliberate and gradual process.

It is achieved through spiritual practices like yoga, meditation and controlled breathing, with ritual playing a small but significant role.

For these people the symptoms are subtle and mild, steadily increasing but not so quickly as to overwhelm the person.

It is usually considered to be preferable to experience awakening in this way as it is the least painful route that doesn’t skip any difficult parts.

In other words, this route allows you to fully awaken in a controlled manner over a longer period of time.

But for other people this process can happen incredibly quickly.

Over the course of a couple of weeks would be very quick indeed, though there have been instances of awakening that have taken place over a few days.

For these people the outcome is the same but the journey is more immediately difficult.

Their Kundalini is doing years worth of work in a short period of time, which takes its toll on the chakra system and their mental health.

The process of awakening comes to an end once the Kundalini reaches the upper three chakras and finally settles back down, finding its home within the Heart chakra.

It resides here because it is the bridge between your lower and upper chakras, dealing with earthly and ethereal concerns respectively.

This is painless and positive for those who took it slow, but for those who awoke quickly it can be a more drawn out stage.

Their Kundalini swings wildly up and down the Sushumna between the various chakras for a while until it finally settles at the Heart.

After Spiritual Awakening: Kundalini Benefits

There are two immediate problems to tackle in the immediate aftermath of awakening: Ego and Emotion.

Ego is a problem in two ways. The first is often referred to as the “Messiah Complex”, the idea that one is the “Chosen One” or the “Saviour of Humanity”.

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Obviously this is self-aggrandizement teetering on the precipice of delusion.

The second way ego is a problem is to the contrary.

So much is dragged up during awakening that it can lead some people, faced with difficult realities about who they are inside, to retreat into self-loathing and depression.

Both are problems with the ego, but they are temporary. Once settled in to this new energy regime that will dissipate.

Until then there will also be a shift in emotional sensitivity.

Wild emotionality is common but should quickly disappear – support and understanding from friends and family is very important at this time.

Don’t worry, this period is short-lived and the benefits are forthcoming.

The journey of the Kundalini up through the subtle body chakras nourishes the higher self and provides the genetic changes to DNA and restructuring of neural pathways necessary for true spiritual awareness.

Both the spiritual and physical senses become more connected to the mind, enhancing the mind-body-spirit connection that forms the core of human beings.

This breeds a greater understanding of the universe – not just through academic-style learning of spiritual concepts but through an intuitive dialogue with your own senses.

And this will bring you balance. Before awakening the Kundalini places all its power in a coil around the Root chakra, forcing those with it to be at home in a low vibrational state.

As it spreads through the body the energy is more evenly distributed.

The balance that comes with spiritual awakening allows you to experience life without ego, judgement or fear.

This is inner peace – or at least a part of it.

But truly the greatest benefit that comes from this process is the opportunity to take your spiritual journey that one step further.

Once you have completed this awakening you will have the chance to work towards Ascension.

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