Starseed physical symptoms: For Starseeds, certain physical symptoms can let you know that you are undergoing Starseed awakening.

Experiencing these symptoms, or a good number of them might indicate that you are experiencing a rise in your vibrations.

It is after Starseed awakening that a Starseed moves into a period of their life where they try to fulfil their spiritual mission on Earth.

So if you are experiencing these physical symptoms, you might be experiencing Starseed awakening.

Starseed Physical Symptoms

Feeling disoriented and ungrounded. The new energies surging through your body can have a substantial effect on your feeling of being grounded on Earth.

Strange aches and pains. With this new energy flow, every corner of your body and subtle body is being activated by kundalini energy.

This can make you aware of aches and pains that were locked in your body.

Regularly waking up in the early hours, especially around 3 am. The early hours of the morning are known to be the most spiritually active hours for Starseeds, and often this means that they wake around 3 am quite regularly during awakening as the new energies reach their peak.

Occasional bouts of very deep sleeping. During this time, you are beginning your spiritual mission.

Access to the spiritual plane through dreams allows this work to start, which may mean that you wake up to feel as though you have been in a coma!

Intense, upsetting dreams. Following on, you may find your dreams become emotionally harrowing just as they feel a lot more real.

Sometimes these are a part of the preparation for your upcoming spiritual journey, helping you to attune to your spiritual mission on Earth.

Increased sensory sensitivity. The new vibrational frequencies affect your third eye chakra, altering your perception.

During this transitional stage, the energies are unsettled, and this can cause increased sensitivity to light, temperature and sound.

Muscle spasms. Your physical and spiritual bodies are merging further, and every cell in your body is being filled with new vibrations.

This can cause tiny electrical pulses in the nerves in muscles, leading to muscle spasms.

Anxiety. All of these symptoms can bring about bouts of anxiety and depression.

The raised vibrations exacerbate this by activating the root chakra, which often results in fear and anxiety.

Flu symptoms. Sometimes referred to as ascension sickness, the raised energies in the three upper chakras can cause flu-like symptoms to appear for a short period of time.

This is probably the one we hear about the most, as the symptoms can be severe, and often people visit the doctor – only to discover that there is nothing wrong with them!

Mood swings. As you might expect, all of this transition and transformation puts incredible stresses on the physical body – which can cause you to experience mood swings.

The lows of the stresses bring in foul moods, while the delight of spiritual reward lifts us into bliss.

Those are the physical symptoms of Starseed awakening. Remember, if you experience severe symptoms you should always see a doctor, but when there is no medical explanation for these symptoms showing up we can point to a special event in your spiritual journey.

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