Many people think telepathy is a difficult task. Mind to mind communication appears impossible and very few people seem to have this gift. Telepathic abilities range from basic mind reading to manipulating other’s mind.

It is true that people could develop telepathic abilities but individuals who are gifted make miracles. It is the same when we study in the same class, we have the same teacher, but the academic results of all the students are not identical. Some people have natural telepathic abilities.

Here are 7 signs that show you have telepathic abilities:

Strange Sensation in the Third Eye Area:

The space present between your eyebrows is the place of the third eye chakra. When you have natural telepathic abilities, you feel strange sensation here due to two major reasons: your chakra is opening, or you are getting energy signals, but you are unaware of them.

When you are developing your powers, you feel high sensations.

You Can Easily Perceive Others’ Emotions:

This quality is also known as empathy. You have the ability to pick the emotions of other people quite easily. You could certainly know what others are feeling even when they don’t use words.

When positive energies are around, you feel good; and when there are negative energies around you feel miserable. It is best for you to avoid drama and remain trouble-free.

Strong Connection to Spirituality:

You start to feel spirits around you of loved ones and strangers. You sense them around, but you don’t know what you are feeling.

As your mind power is enhancing, you start to sense spiritual energies as well. Not only that, but you also feel more attractive towards the spiritual world. You want to know more and more about it.

Vivid and Frequent Dreams:

When your telepathic abilities are surging, you start to see vivid dreams that occur more frequently than ever. You mostly remember your dreams now, and they carry some special message. During the dreaming stage, your unconscious mind is in power and not your conscious mind, and you easily connect to your higher self.

Good Health is Your Desire:

You crave healthy food only. Salad appears more appealing to you than a burger. This sense comes to you naturally. Fruits and vegetables become a major part of your diet. This food is essential to open your mind and keep you focused.

Telepathic Sense Enhances:

You become highly sensitive as you start hearing the unheard and seeing the unseen. You feel passing light around the corner of your eyes now and then. Your hearing improves better than before. When a person is silent, you think that they are talking to you.

Your Intuition Increases:

When something is about to happen, you just know it. It appears to you as a vision or a strong hunch. You might get afraid of it but don’t be because the thing that is going to happen will happen and you can not do anything about it. You need to trust your intuition when you want to develop your telepathic abilities.