The power of lightning and a thunderstorm is a beautiful yet powerful force that people find fascinating.

Dreaming about lightning and thunderstorms can be interpreted differently depending on the person’s individual life experiences, but there is one thing that remains true for most dreamers: Dreaming about a storm means something important is happening in your waking life.

What does it mean when you see lightning in your dream?

Lightning is a symbol of power and electricity. Dreaming about lightning can be interpreted as an indication that you are feeling energized or powerful in your waking life, which could mean anything from the birth of a child to gaining entrance into college.

What does it mean when you see a thunderstorm in your dream?

Thunderstorms often represent turmoil, chaos, and uncertainty. Dreaming about a thunderstorm means that you are feeling stressed or worried about something in your waking life—it could be anything from an upcoming test to financial difficulties.

Dreams About Lightning, Interpretation, and symbolism

Lightning is a powerful force of nature, it symbolizes raw and uncontrolled energy.

Lightning symbolizes the power of change. Quick, dramatic, and powerful changes can happen in our lives at any time without warning.

Lightning has been used as a metaphor to describe how life’s events sometimes occur with little or no warning.

The lightning bolt represents not only sudden but also unplanned occurrences that may be seen as a threat.

It can also represent sudden and dramatic changes such as a job loss, the death of a loved one, or other disruptive events that may leave you feeling vulnerable and afraid.

Seeing lightning in your dream is also positive and symbolizes a sense of transition.

It also means that you are about to experience something life-changing and good for yourself, such as receiving news from your doctor or moving house.

Seeing lightning can be seen as being able to change things in your waking world quicker than normal; they show the ability to take charge and make changes in your life.

Lightning can represent changes in your life that are not permanent, meaning they are short-lived. So if you see a lightning bolt in your dream it could mean a positive change is about to happen, but it won’t last long.

Dreaming of lightning striking you

When you dream of lightning striking you, then it’s a positive sign that the changes in your life will be good for you. It’s important to keep an open mind and not focus on all of the negatives as this can hinder your progress.

These changes will be quick and powerful but you will be able to take advantage of them and help yourself grow and be energized by them.

Dream of seeing lightning strike

When you see lightning strikes in your dream, it symbolizes a short-lived or a stroke of good luck, it may not change you, or your life much, but it will still be a good experience.

It might be a learning experience for you or something to gain from.

Dreaming of lightning and thunder together in the same dream

If you see lightning strike in your dreams, but also hear the sound of thunder, then this is an enhancement to the symbolism.

When you see lightning without hearing any rumbling or loud sounds, it could be that those changes are going to happen quickly and without any warning.

When you see lightning in your dream, but also hear thunder or a rumble, it means that the changes will be loud and powerful with little to no warnings beforehand.

Seeing lightning when it’s raining outside

If you see a lightning bolt in your dreams while there is rain pouring down, then this could mean that you are going through some bad periods in your life, and the lightning signifies a rapid change is about to occur.

Seeing a lightning strike your partner

When you dream of your partner getting struck by lightning, it signifies that there is going to be a major change in the relationship.

This can be good or bad depending on how you feel about this person. If they are someone who caused negative emotions for you, then seeing them get struck could represent relief from their presence in your life.

If you are happy in your relationship then the changes are going to be positive, it might mean you are afraid of losing this person in your life.

Seeing a lightning strike a tree

If you see lightning strike a tree in your dream, then this could mean that your personal growth is about to be stunted.

It also symbolizes problems in your family life that have been festering for a while. Now is the time to deal with these problems otherwise they will become worse.

Seeing a lightning strike someone else in your dream

If you see someone else get struck by lightning in your dream, then this means that you are projecting a feeling of fear onto them.

It also could mean that you believe they will be the ones to cause a change in your life and it is going to happen quickly with little warning.

If it’s someone close to you or someone you have a relationship with, but not romantic, then this is an indication that the two of you are going through some changes.

Seeing lightning in your dream and feeling terrified

If you see thunder or lightning strike in your dreams and feel scared, it could mean that there have been major life-changing events happening to both yourself and those around you.

It could also be that there are going to be sudden major changes in your life, but it might not last long.

Dreaming of lightning striking your house

If you have a dream of seeing a lightning bolt hit your house, then this is an indication that it’s time to move on.

You are feeling like you have been there for too long and the place has become stagnant or uninteresting and now is the time to make changes in order to feel better about yourself again.

Dreaming of being illuminated by lightning

If you dream of seeing a lightning bolt hit the ground and then you see your body is illuminated by it, this represents being at peace with yourself.

You have accepted who you are and there’s no need to worry about anything anymore. You will be happy with where things end up because of that acceptance.

Dream of lightning illuminating someone else

If you dream of seeing a lightning bolt illuminate someone else in your dream, then it represents someone you admire.

You see them as being an inspiration to you and they represent positive change in your life.

Dreaming of lightning blinding you

If you dream of lightning blinding you, then it’s a good dream.

This is an indication that happiness will come your way and it won’t be long before you see the light. It’s a sign of hope for the future, just don’t forget to keep looking ahead!

Dreaming of lightning causing damage

If you dream of lightning causing damage to something, then it symbolizes your inner confusion and distraction.

You are trying to keep up with life but you’re not sure what your focus should be.

You might feel like everything is happening at once and all of a sudden, so it’s hard to know how best to manage your time and energy right now without overloading yourself.

The word “lightning” speaks for itself—something has happened or is going to happen with suddenness and intensity.

However much damage the lightning causes in your dreams might correlate to the level of intensity and suddenness your life is about to change.

Seeing a thunderstorm

If you dream of seeing a thunderstorm, then this could mean many things depending on what’s going on at the time.

It might be an indication that there are some major changes or transitions happening in your life right now which can be a challenging time.

It could also mean that this is an indication of anger and frustration you feel inside but have not been able to express.

Seeing a thunderstorm in your dream with no lightning or rain means that there are some major changes coming up for you, but it’s nothing too bad. The storm will pass quickly.

Dreaming of a thunderstorm during nighttime

If this happens during night-time hours, it means a release of pent-up feelings.

You have been keeping your anger and frustrations inside for too long and now you need to let them go.

You can let out all the negative energy so that you feel better about yourself again.


If you have had any of these lightning and thunderstorm dreams, then it’s time to take a closer look at what they might mean for you.

It could be that there are some big changes coming up, or just something minor and quick like the storm passing over quickly.