True Love And Synchronicity: The universe has a funny way of showing us our true love – and that is through synchronicity.

Love is fundamental in the universe. It is one of the key forces that empowers us to live as more than just human animals.

With love, we gain the ability to understand the spiritual world and the transcendental as a part of our lives.

So when people find true love, the universe tries to foster that love. It does this through synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the way in which the universe causes coincidence to deliver us a message or to push or pull us in the right direction.

How does this synchronicity manifest? We have listed some of these true love synchronicity signs below:

True Love Occupies Our Environment

When we experience true love with someone, we establish a heart connection that exists on the spiritual plane.

This true love connection has a direct effect on our surroundings.

We often find that everywhere we go we are faced with images and instances of love.

We see couples holding hands, and we see romance films on at the cinema – we watch as our friends pair off and start new relationships.

And every time we are reminded of the true love we feel.

Synchronicity Signs

Sometimes a phrase is more accurate than it is supposed to be.

This is the case on occasion when we can see literal signs from the universe that we have found true love.

We’re talking billboards, adverts; window displays all with either couples or emblems of love on display.

Maybe we even see the name of our true love showing up everywhere we go in seemingly unrelated coincidence.

This is no coincidence. It is a synchronicity sign from the universe.

Running Into Them

One surefire sign that the universe is trying to tell us that we are in true love is by ensuring that, every now and again and completely out of the blue, we run into the person.

This usually happens when we least expect it. We’ll be out and about, just getting on with our day, and suddenly an urge to go somewhere new will surface.

Maybe just a different route home. Perhaps a new coffee shop or restaurant or bookstore has opened, and we decide to check it out.

And, once we have taken that leap, we turn the corner only to see the person who we are in love with. The same exact thing has happened to them – they would never come here usually.

“It was spur of the moment. Just a random idea to come here.”

That is the essence of synchronicity and true love. Little nudges, little suggestions, little ideas that have a significant impact on the course of our life.

All of it moves us towards true love. True love for each other and, by extension, for ourselves.

We should be reminded of the age-old adage: “Love finds a way.”