If it were not for Twin Flame Magic, there would be very little chance of you ever meeting your Mirror Soul.

There are seven billion people on the planet. Seven billion – let that number sink in. Imagine a crowd of a thousand people.

Imagine a crowd made up of a thousand of those thousand-person crowds. Imagine a thousand of those thousand-thousand crowds.

It would take seven of those to represent every person on Earth. If you are having trouble imagining all of that, then you understand the scale of the problem.

The chances of two randomly chosen people running into each other are minute at best.

Left alone, Twin Flames simply have no chance of finding each other without some kind of outside interference.

For the longest time, that is exactly how it has been. It isn’t until recently that the process of awakening on Earth has reached this blistering speed.

This is due to an injection of high vibrational energy brought on by the arrival of Starseeds and the efforts of Lightworkers.

Now that there is an abundance of positive energy, the magic that brings Twin Flames together can happen.

In the past, this would have taken a lifetime or more of concentrated, focused spiritual work in order to raise vibrations enough to wield these powers.

Today it is open to anyone who has properly prepared for the journey.

Magic is also found throughout the relationship. There are many examples of this type of phenomenon, some of which we will talk about now.

If you are searching for your Mirror Soul, then you might want to skip to the bottom section for a magic ritual that can help you to locate your Mirror Soul.

Examples Of Twin Flame Magic

From the very beginning, Twin Flames share a telepathic link. It is borne of energy and has functioned from the moment of your creation.

This has always been the case for everybody. Unfortunately, most people have not and will not experience its power.

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Until very recently, it was only accessible to the most dedicated monks.

But with the current high vibration state of the Earth and the abundance of positive energy brought here by Starseeds and spread by Lightworkers, it is far easier for the average person to harness this power.

To begin with, it might just feel like you are really, really on the same page about things.

You finish each other’s sentences; you can read each other’s moods before you meet up or they come home, that kind of thing.

As you develop together, you will be able to communicate emotions and ideas and, eventually, whole conversations.

The telepathic link is important to the journey of Mirror Souls because it keeps you together even when you are apart.

Familiarity with each other’s energy is important for every facet of your relationship, and this is a key way of effecting that.

But keeping you on the same page is also multi-faceted.

Twin Flame Magic Synchronicities

Another way that this happens through Twin Flame Magic is in the synchronicities that occur along the journey.

For instance, you will share many themes from childhood.

Twin Flames tend to have similar childhoods because having shared experiences means they are better able to connect with each other.

Synchronicity brings you together in other ways, too.

It plays a big part in the first meeting when it takes you out of your routine and ensures that your paths cross.

It presents you with the numerology signs that guide you through your intuition, as well as the non-number signs like romantic symbols and all of your friends suddenly getting into relationships.

It also conspires to ensure that you face your old wounds before the relationship comes to fruition.

Most of this is done before the meeting, but the rest is handled in the Separation stage if necessary.

In fact, synchronicity is a piece of magic that just keeps giving.

Over the course of your life to this point, it has bred within you a set of values that match roughly that of your Mirror Soul.

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Think of this as the foundation for your future being built by fate.

Of course, we don’t always have to leave things up to fate…

Find Your Twin Flame Magic Ritual

There is a ritual that can help you to find them a little quicker.

It isn’t a shortcut! It would be unfair to call it a shortcut because the process will take as long as it takes.

But by following these steps, you can bring you and your Twin Flame together.

Meditation is the core tool you will be using, though you will need to use it in a few ways.

You should engage in chakra meditation every day. Begin your meditation with this healing method in order to clear your aura of negative energy.

You need to be cleansed before you can properly access your powers of magic.

Then comes the real work.

Cord Cutting

Cord-cutting meditation allows you to “let go” of the old wounds, grudges, and other poisonous connections that still have a hold on your heart.

Think of this practice as tending your garden. You need to dig out the weeds so that the flowers have room to grow.

Next, you are going to reach out to your Twin Flame telepathically.

While in a meditative state, call out to them. Send them love and support, especially in dealing with their problems in a healthy way.

Ask them to find their way towards you and promise to do the same.

Finally, keep an eye out for the signs. Twin Flame signs include the numbers (11, 11:11, 101, 11011, 1001, etc.), as well as romance symbols and infinity.

There’s no point asking for directions if you aren’t listening for the answer.

You must keep repeating this ritual for it to be effective.

Do it every day, make it a part of your routine – and before you know it, you will find your Sacred Union.