Twin Flame serendipity shows that the universe is right behind you in your quest for your Mirror Soul.

It is the driving force that brings you together and keeps you from drifting apart.

Serendipity refers to the “happy accidents” that occur in your life.

Turning up at a train platform at the same moment that the train arrives is an example of this, as is randomly running into exactly the person you were hoping to see.

Most people experience a certain amount of serendipity in their life, but Twin Flames experience it far more.

The whole relationship is packed with happy accidents that serve to bring you closer together and therefore, closer to a union.

But this is no accident – it is a core part of the journey that the two of you are on together.

Due to the process of Universal Ascension, which pushes Mirror Souls to achieve Union on a larger scale, the universe pulls you towards each other.

This is how serendipity creates and enhances this exciting karmic union:

Similar Childhood

The first example of Twin Flame serendipity that you will experience is a similar childhood, though of course, you won’t have known it at the time.

Many find out that they faced the same kinds of challenges when they were growing up.

This includes things like being bullied, having difficult or abusive parents, as well as things like childhood interests.

This allows Twin Flames to establish an emotional baseline. Our earliest experiences strongly shape us so having them in common with someone else helps you to get on the same page.

That’s part of what makes sibling relationships so close.

Aside from any siblings, you might have, this is a link you share with nobody else.

It contributes to the intense mutual chemistry that exists between Mirror Souls, as well as helping you to understand where each other are coming from.

Narrowly Missed Each Other

One of the pieces of Mirror Soul serendipity that most surprises people is when they realize that they have almost run into each other on numerous occasions before.

It happens so often that it is considered a normal part of the Mirror Soul relationship.

Usually, you will find that you have, on numerous occasions, been in the same place at the same time.

You should have met each other then, but for one reason or another, you didn’t. Looking back on it now, you realize that if you weren’t really ready to meet them then.

In fact, if you had have met them at that time, then things would not have worked out.

There was too much going on in your life, or you weren’t looking for anything serious, or you were with someone else at the time.

The universe has a way of bringing Mirror Souls together at exactly the right time.

You have many chances to meet, but you won’t until both of you are in the right head-space.

Twin Flame Meeting

The first time you meet will be the most powerful piece of Twin Flame serendipity that you will experience.

The Mirror Soul Meeting happens when you are both ready for the relationship to begin.

In the run-up you will experience a lot of number synchronicity, which means that you will see the Twin Flame numbers show up everywhere you go.

The actual meeting itself happens when you least expect it – and in a place that you don’t usually go.

Something or someone will draw you away from your usual habits and routine. The same thing happens to them.

Serendipity pulls you together like magnets. The machinations behind the scenes guide the two of you towards each other.

Twin Flames In Sync

The serendipity doesn’t end at the meeting. In fact, it will form a central part of your relationship and one of the best things about it.

Soon after you meet, you will begin to see more and more signs around you.

These are called synchronicity signs and they include:

  •  Twin Flame numbers like 11:11, 1001, 11, 101.
  • Their name, spirit animal, or a favorite symbol of theirs.
  • Love symbols, or images that remind you of them.

You will also find yourself running into them all over the place.

They start showing up in the places where you usually go, and for some reason, you are drawn to places that they end up being.

This serves to keep you focused on each other and eases you into what can be an especially intense relationship.

Once you have made a real connection and start to take the relationship more seriously you will achieve a new level of closeness and intimacy.

As the nature of the relationship changes, so will the nature of the serendipity.

Rather than experiencing happy coincidences that bring you together, you start to experience happy coincidences that help you to move forward.

Twin Flames tend to expose each other’s flaws by acting as a “mirror.”

It isn’t comfortable to face your own flaws, and sometimes one partner will flee the relationship rather than do it. This person is called the Runner.

During this stage of the relationships, serendipity allows you to be in each other’s lives without being there physically.

The Runner experiences a lot of the sorts of signs that remind them of the flaws they need to fix – and the reward they will get for doing so.

It often works in this way. You can think of it as a sort of subliminal advertising, paid for by the universe or your higher consciousness, that is trying to sell you happiness.

The price is personal development.

It’s amazing how fulfilling a relationship can be when the universe is on your side.

All you need to do is pay attention to the serendipity, the synchronicity signs and your intuition, and you too can make a success of your Twin Flame relationship.