When we find ourselves in the position of having a twin flame runner – that is, we become a twin flame chaser – we can experience a great deal of pain.

The problem is that we have finally found our twin flame, the person with whom we are supposed to share the defining spiritual journey of our lives, and they seemingly want nothing to do with us.

That’s a deep level of rejection, and it can feel like our world is crashing around us.

We experience soul shock, grief, heartbreak, and loss. We wonder how someone who is supposed to be the embodiment of unity and unconditional love to us could make us feel this way.

More, we wonder if they even feel any of it.

Well, they do. The twin flame runner experiences all of the same pain that the chaser does, they just experience it differently.

To dig into why this is, we first need to explore the feelings that keep a twin flame runner running.

Twin Flame Runner Feelings

Fear drives twin flame runners. They run because they are scared of the twin flame journey, of changing their perspective and of all the things that the twin flame journey entails.

To make it clearer, let’s think about what drives the twin flame chaser.

They have identified their twin flame and want the twin flame journey to begin, to ascend with their twin flame towards enlightenment and, ultimately, unity on the astral plane.

The twin flame chaser knows that this is to come, that it is inevitable, and cannot wait for the exciting journey ahead.

The twin flame runner, on the other hand, knows that this is what you want. They might not know it on an intellectual level, but their soul knows it.

The difference is that instead of getting excited about embarking on a new life, they fear the loss of their old one.

After all, they are being asked to drop their old life to begin a new one with their chaser. That is a lot to ask.

Twin Flame Runner Soul Shock

Add to that the fact that the runner experiences soul shock to the same extent as the chaser does, and we can’t help but sympathise with him.

Soul shock, simply put, is heartbreak on steroids.

More accurately, it is the trauma caused by the soul having a part of itself torn out. It manifests like heartbreak because that is how we process the deep spiritual pain that this causes us.

And the runner experiences soul shock in the same way as the chaser does. Their soul is also missing a part of itself. But what’s worse is that it is their own doing, they inflicted the wound on themselves.

The pain is shared over the silver cord connection that links them both, so they both feel that pain. The runner also knows that it is his fault – both their pain and their chasers.

Unfortunately, the only way to get over the soul shock is to wait it out until the twin flame reunion. Both the chaser and the runner have work to do on themselves before this can happen.

Twin Flame Runner Signs

If you have met your twin flame, but worry that they might be on their way to being a twin flame runner, then these are the signs you should look out for:

  • They deny spirituality. Often a twin flame runner will just not believe in twin flames or the spiritual world at all.
  • There is a significant age difference, or you are at different points in life. Runners love these excuses as they sound reasonable, but really they use them out of fear.
  • They refuse to work on their flaws. Sometimes a runner runs because they are being asked to work on themselves before they have accepted that this is needed.
  • They have a partner already. Unfortunately, many twin flames find themselves in this situation and the runner runs because they cannot do the difficult thing due to fear of upheaval.

Those are just a few signs that your twin flame might be a runner.

But don’t fret. The runner and chaser stage of the twin flame relationship is temporary. As soon as both twin flames are ready, the twin flame reunion will happen.

Until then, keep up with your spiritual work, try to improve yourself, and maintain sympathy and empathy for your twin flame runner. They are having a rough time too, trust us.