It is a widespread phenomenon to see orbs in photographs, one that has been reported a considerable number of times from all over the globe since the advent of photography.

These orbs are usually clear or white and are sometimes mistaken for simple lens flare or smudges on the lens.

But in many cases, the origin of the orb in the photograph cannot be attributed to something so simple. In sporadic cases, this is plainly obvious – as the orb appears with vibrant colour.

These different colours signify the nature of the orb. Today, we are going to look at the green variety.

So what does a green orb mean?

Human Spirit

Many orbs are said to represent beings on the spiritual plane – or spirits, as we might call them.

However, most of these spirits will not have lived a human life, instead originating elsewhere in the universe.

But the green orb, if it represents a spirit, is very likely to represent a human soul.

This could be a deceased loved one if the place in which the orb was seen is a place of significance for that passed spirit.

However, it could just as easily be a stranger – the soul of a human whom we have never met.

In any case, if it is a human spirit it is not a malevolent one. If we wish to speak with the spirit, we could engage in meditation and see if it reaches out to us.

Of course, it might not – who knows? It might just be out for a stroll.

Unity With Nature

Another reason there may be a green orb is an expression of our unity with nature.

This is highly dependent on location and goes some way to explaining why these green orbs show up far more often away from cities where nature lives wild and free.

If we see a green orb while walking in nature, it might simply be a sign that we are on the right path. Otherwise, it might be a signal for us to slow down and appreciate this area a little more.

Or, if we did not see the green orb until later on, perhaps that we should revisit that location.

This location would be a prime spot for meditation and contemplation on our unity with nature on this planet.

We sometimes forget that we are a part of nature – our modern world often separates us from the feeling of oneness with the wild that we are all born with.


One heartwarming type of encounter there are reports of is the experience of seeing a green orb when with a loved one.

Green is often associated with love and the heart, and some people have reported seeing a green orb hanging between them and a loved one – usually a life partner of some description.

This is, by all accounts, incredibly rare. But if we experience this then we can be reasonably sure that our relationship is one based on kindness, kinship and, above all, love.