What is a soul shock?

A soul shock, as the name proposes, is a feeling of demolition in the runner’s soul which causes him to isolate himself from his partner.

A soul shock may be felt by a single partner in a twin flame relationship, but it holds the capability to ruin the relationship for both of them if overlooked.

The runner feels an extraordinary agony that shatters his spirits.

Instances of a soul shock

It is misinterpreted that the chaser in a relationship is the only one in a twin flame relationship who encounters a soul shock.

The runner is similarly attacked by it, and more so than the chaser. The twin flame runner soul shock is not quite the same as the chaser’s soul shock.

It differs. The runner just numbs his torment, dissimilar to his partner. Communication is a vital part of each relationship. Be that as it may, the twin shock makes no sense.

The runner leaves his/her twin flame without any apparent reason. There are a few things that you can do to stay away from a twin soul shock.

The ideal approach to steer clear of its course is to let events run their course. We should never give our sentiments of outrage a chance to overcome us.

Causes of a soul shock

They all stem from our insecurities and fears. It is just when we comprehend that these sentiments are not our reality, we achieve a state of light and truth.

The runner needs to understand the explanations for his twin runner flame soul shock. He needs to confront the intuitive apprehensions that he has stifled somewhere within him.

There are many sorts of fears that cause the runner to separate himself. He may have abandonment issues, or he may have a worn out past that has made him incapable of trusting someone.

He might think that he inadequate for love. Destiny isn’t to be confused with your current plight. Your destiny doesn’t restrict you from feeling a certain way forever.

You may be sad now, but that doesn’t mean your future has it planned out for you to be unhappy forever.

How to stop a soul shock

The runner needs to comprehend the chaser. He ought to understand that in spite of his feelings of dread; he can break free from his demons.

He needs to realise that his twin flame resembles no individual he’s ever met in his life. The main route for a chaser to keep his twin flame is to ensure that he recognises the underlying factor of the runner’s feelings of dread.

Regardless of whether it was heartbreak in his youth or a past relationship turned sour, she needs to enter into his soul and kill the patches of negative energy.

It will stop the running before it even begins. Be careful about the manifestations of a twin flame runner soul shock, and when they show up, ensure that you apply these powerful tips.

Destiny is a strange thing, far beyond human comprehension. We live with the fear of the unknown and that is our destiny.