[lmt-post-modified-info]It is a provocative question to ask the Universe ”when you think of someone, are they thinking of you?”

Indeed, we often experience a psychic connection with other people, even when they are not around.

Most of us notice the thought of someone, particularly if they are a soulmate.

We have many soulmates, so it is not unusual to have different precious to us soul group souls bouncing into our minds.

Often when we experience unexpected emotions that seem to come from nowhere.

It is because we are experiencing the emotions of someone with whom we share a psychic connection.

But when we think of someone, does that mean that they are thinking of us?

Maybe, but not always. Sometimes when we suddenly think of someone, it is no more than that – thinking of someone.

But other times, our minds are suddenly drawn to the thought of someone because they are thinking of us.

So how do we tell the difference?

Mental Triggers

When we suddenly think of someone without any apparent reason.

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The first thing we should consider before arriving at any psychic related conclusions is whether the thought of that person has a more straightforward explanation.

Our minds are excellent at making connections. Every relationship we have, especially with those closest to us, has associations within our mind with all sorts of things.

A particular smell, a favorite meal, or a piece of music are just some of the things we might subconsciously associate with someone.

For instance, if we have a memory of someone wearing a particular colored shirt, we may experience a mental trigger.

Our thoughts are triggered when we see someone else wearing the same kind of shirt, causing us to think of that person.

It may not be immediately evident that this has happened as such mental triggers can be subconscious, causing us to believe that this thought has some other explanation.

So the first thing we should do in this situation is to check for any mental triggers.

Strong Emotional Charge

We get a strong emotional charge when there is sudden thought of someone we cannot ignore and can not attribute to mental triggers.

Often this kind of jolt gives you a feeling of worry about the person.

The person might be experiencing extreme emotions and thinking of us.

A telltale sign of this is an unexplained strong emotional response.

We are more likely to experience a psychic connection.

When can not help but feel the energy hit us when someone is experiencing strong emotions, thinking of us.

Every soul on Earth is connected, those souls who have met; however, small the interaction, have more connection cords.

The more contact and energy you exchange, the more cords you knit together.

With some people, you may have one energy exchange, and those cords are like silk threads, that fade to nothing over time. Our deep connections are thick and knit like a woolen scarf.

Energy is connected, energy cords activate when someone has a memory about a moment you shared in time.

Those emotions fuel the psychic connection and often transfer to us.

If we experience a sudden thought of someone along with a strong emotional charge, it may be because they are dreaming about us.

When we dream, we are free from the confines of our physical minds and can exist on a more spiritual and emotional level.

This freedom allows for a clearer connection.

Our energies, unencumbered by physical restraints, can travel more freely between ourselves and others.

We are more susceptible and responsive to the energies of others when we are asleep.

If someone thinks about us during our dream time, it is almost inevitable that they will appear in our dreams.

If they are thinking about us a lot, especially at night, we will dream about them more often.

Constant dreaming of them can cause a sort of “feedback loop.”

They are thinking about us, so we dream about them. And the reverse occurs when we are thinking about them, they dream about us.

The cycle continues.

This “feedback loop” is one of the ways a psychic or spiritual connection can maintain and strengthen over time, even if we are at a distance.

Eventually, our connection might become strong enough that we even begin sharing dreams with them!

Feeling Their Presence

One of the more natural ways of working out if you are thinking about someone because they are thinking about you is by seeing if you can feel their presence.

When someone thinks about you, their energy temporarily becomes a part of your energy system.

It stimulates the vibrations in your aura and causes an undeniable feeling of a presence near you.

Deciding whether you can feel a presence is entirely intuitive. It is like when you can feel someone looking at you, even though you can’t see anyone around you.

You can feel eyes on you.

It is the same sort of thing, but rather than the very directed gaze burning into the back of your head, it feels more like an enveloping warmth, as though they are all around you.

Feeling this energy is a telltale sign of your presence in someone’s mind.

If you do feel this, then it might be worth taking a moment to return the favor! Think happy thoughts about them, and they will receive a gift with the same warm feeling of presence that you are experiencing.

Insomnia or Difficulty Sleeping

Sleep is something we all do. No matter who we are, we all need to sleep.

So when we have difficulty sleeping and suffer from insomnia, we need to know the reason why.

One interesting cause is someone thinking about you.

When somebody holds you in their thoughts, they establish an energy connection that connects with your aura.

During the day, this is a welcome fact.

t is nice to feel a connection with someone and feel their presence even if you can’t be near each other.

At night, it can be a bit more troublesome.

The excess energy entering your system can disrupt sleep and keep you awake.

Your thoughts will drift to them and associated emotions.

If the emotions you associate with them are not entirely positive right now, this can cause stress, sadness, and other feelings that are not conducive to sleep.

Physical Symptoms

There are also physical symptoms associated with this kind of psychic connection.

Burning cheeks.

If a burning sensation in the cheeks accompanies the thought.

This feeling may indicate the thought originated outside of ourselves and possibly the nature of the thought.

A fluttering in the stomach.

Having butterflies might suggest that the person thinking about us is nervous, excited, or even feeling romantic feelings.

Unexplained pain.

When we are psychically linked to someone because they are thinking of us.

We might experience their aches and pains in our bodies in the same region that ails them.

If these aches and pains arrive with the thought and dissipate shortly afterward, this might be a sign that we have just experienced a psychic connection with someone.

Finding A White Feather Could Be A Sign

Sometimes the Universe sends us a sign.

One of the signs that someone is thinking about you is finding a white feather outside.

This is especially true if you find it while you are thinking about them.

White feathers are a sign of a psychic connection.

They have long been associated with spirits and lost loved ones, but the connection is deeper than that.

People associate white feathers with spirits of loved ones because people are in the state of mind to look for clues at the time of grief.

Many take this is a sign that they are still looking after them.

But the white feather is a sign of psychic connection, which includes this link with those who have passed.

It is not limited to this, though. 

is also a sign that you still have a psychical connection to someone still living, especially if you find it while this person is on your mind.

So if you stumble across a white feather while thinking about someone, know that the psychic connection is active and that you are thinking about you.

Use Your Connection To Make Someone Think Of You

The phenomena we have discussed here has an interesting use.

If you want someone to be thinking about you, you could make that happen by thinking about them!

For this to be most effective, you should use positivity and happy imagery to elevate your thoughts.

Think about positive emotions that they bring up in you and picture them as you send them a message of support.

It can help to have a picture of them to hand.

You should only do this sparingly. Obsessively thinking about someone in the hope that they will start thinking about you can lead you down a dangerous path.

But doing so with their permission can be an excellent way of keeping in touch with someone when you can’t be physically near them.

It is especially useful for people in long-distance relationships.

The main difficulty with long-distance relationships is the lack of intimate emotional connection.

Although you can use video calls and other technology to your advantage in this day and age, the screen puts too much distance between them for some people.

But because of busy lives and intermittent connectivity, there might not be enough connection there for you.

By utilizing your innate psychic connection, you can achieve that emotional intimacy as though you were physically in the same place.

It can help to maintain a long-distance relationship and help to stave off the stress and worry of being too far from the person you love.

Why not tell your long-distance partner to keep an eye on the clock and think about you at a specific time?

You can do the same for them, and then each day you have a moment to inhabit your special connection through the Universe.