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When You Think of Someone Are They Thinking of You?

This is an exciting question. It is true that we can often experience a psychic connection with other people even when they are not around. Particularly if they are a soulmate.

Often when we experience unexpected emotions that seem to come from nowhere. It is because we are experiencing the emotions of someone with whom we share a psychic connection.


But when we think of someone, does that mean that they are thinking of us?

Maybe, but not always. Sometimes when we suddenly think of someone, it is no more than that – thinking of someone.

But other times, our mind is suddenly drawn to the thought of someone because that person is thinking of us.

So how do we tell the difference?

Mental Triggers

When we suddenly think of someone without any apparent reason.


The first thing we should consider before arriving at any psychic related conclusions is whether the thought of that person has a simpler explanation.

Our minds are excellent at making connections. Every relationship we have, especially with those closest to us, has association within our minds with all sorts of things.

A particular smell, a favourite food or a piece of music are just some of the things we might subconsciously associate with someone.

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For instance, if we have a memory of someone wearing a particular colour shirt we may experience a mental trigger.

When we see someone else wearing a similar colour shirt, causing us to think of that person.

It may not be immediately evident that this has happened as such mental triggers can be subconscious, causing us to believe that this thought has some other explanation.

So the first thing we should do in this situation is check for any mental triggers.

Strong Emotional Charge

Where the sudden thought of someone cannot be attributed to mental triggers.

We might be experiencing a psychic connection brought on by that person thinking of us. A telltale sign of this is an unexplained strong emotional response.

We are more likely to experience a psychic connection.

When someone is thinking of us if that person is experiencing strong emotions related to that thought.

Those emotions fuel the psychic connection and often transfer to us.


If we experience a sudden thought of someone along with a strong emotional charge, it may be because they are thinking of us.

Physical Symptoms

There are also physical symptoms associated with this kind of psychic connection.

•Burning cheeks. If the thought is accompanied by a burning sensation in the cheeks. This may indicate that the thought originated outside of ourselves.

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•A fluttering in the stomach. This might suggest that the person thinking about us is nervous, excited or even feeling romantic feelings.

•Unexplained pain. When we are psychically linked to someone because they are thinking of us. We might experience their aches and pains in our own bodies.

If these aches and pains arrive with the thought and dissipate shortly afterwards. This might be a sign that we have just experienced a psychic connection with someone.

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