In a twin flame relationship, one twin may run away from the other. Although, a strong attraction is felt by both twins and they know that they have found the love of their life, but still one twin couldn’t withstand all this and run. The left behind twin feels shattered and confused and doesn’t know what happened.

Why do twin flames run? What makes them run? Will they return? And so many other questions arise in the mind of the other twin. Well, it is not something new, and many runners show such behaviour.

Here are 4 reasons why twin flames run:

Fear of Refusal:

As it is stated earlier that both twins know that they have something special in between them and runner twins, know it well, but they don’t feel worthy. They think that they don’t deserve this connection.
Usually, it is because they are still playing the field. They know they are not committed, in a relationship already or faking the whole twin flame thing.

They are aware of their bad habits, and they hate being unworthy. The fear of rejection makes them run away. This happens because they lack self-love and self-esteem. After all, it is impossible to love anyone if you lack self-love because you are a bad person. They become judgmental and bitter.

Fear of Losing:

When twins are highly aware of their positive and negative traits, they don’t want their counterparts to know who they are. They have a fear that they will lose them, and this keeps them away from getting to them in the first place. You cannot lose what you don’t have, and this is the game they play. If they are playing this game then they are more narcissist than a twin flame.

Fear of Love:

A spiritual connection will not change a person entirely. If you look around, you will see so many souls which hold too much negativity. There are people who like to play with the feelings of others; they don’t want to stay in a single relationship and having multiple partners is their desire.

So, if a person like that finds a twin flame, do you think that he or she might want to confine their soul to a single relationship. Until they are awakened by any special event in their life, nothing is going to change.

They might have a sense of your presence, but surely they will deny it because they are afraid of true love and all the blessings it brings.

Fear of Emotions:

A twin flame relationship is a roller coaster ride with so many emotional twists and turns. Runner twin flames don’t want to be consumed by their emotions and run away. They fear to get involved with someone.

This also makes the runners fearful, as many times, they wear a veil on their faces to hide their emotions but getting involved with someone who could tell all could be a little hard for them. They don’t understand the logic of being in a relationship where they could not hide their emotions at all, and they run away.

Overall, runners are the scared souls who are living in an imbalanced state, and balancing their lives makes them afraid.