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These holy people were very much in touch with the land. They began to be aware that it was very important that the knowledge from Lemuria be preserved. And so for about 2,000 to 3,000 years, they were preparing for this great cataclysm. They began spreading their teachings about the Earth and about mankind's history to as many people as they possibly could. They believed that if they could spread this information to as many people as possible, the information would be stored within the cells of the human bodies. This would then protect the information & technologies from being forgotten. The Lemurians also began to store information in crystals. These information crystals known as Lemurian seed crystals were taken deep within the Earth to be stored and preserved. Some of these crystals and information were also the new generation of children – Awakened Psychic Children. These children needed to be put in to seed pods and stored until DIVINE timing as the Lemurian knowledge, as well as Pleaidian knowledge was/is so powerful that the children were to be abused and captured if they got in to the wrong hands. These ancient people also began to create detailed maps of the underground tunnels that existed between power grids on our planet. The Lemurians also took the time to prepare their plans. They knew that they would receive a sign telling them it was time to go underground before the floods came. So they prepared themselves for the next several thousand years to be the sacred keepers of the records of Earth, co-creation and God. These sacred keepers purposely created in future generations ways to look different from each other. For some have the manner of appearing very ‘logical & physical’ so as to blend in with everyday people. This would help them to awaken the more physical person from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension. This Lemurian information was about the keys of creation and the mathematical code to GOD. It was using sacred geometry and specific gridding of crystals to create vortexes to connect back to GOD. The Beings of Lemuria knew it was very important that the information they held, be saved for when the waters receded, otherwise the entire history of Earth and the sacred teachings of the world would have been lost forever.

Bill Duran
Wow - this is an Amazing story - I love it!