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December 31, 2012 by
Your choices and the choices of others shape your life. Can you remember times where a better choice would have totally changed your circumstances and direction in life? Can you commit to this New Year to make higher choices?
1. How do you make choices?
2. How many choices in a day do you make that feel extremely good?
3. Do you ask your heart to decide?
4. How important do you feel choices can be?
5. Do you encourage others to make higher choices?
Thomas Goodwin
Some of these questions did not have any good answers. I do not believe one should make choices just based on your heart. The heart can often lead one toward bad/irrational choices with resultant heartache. Many people have gotten into trouble blindly following their heart.One should always keep o...View More
Emilie Conroy
More info at the opening would have enabled me to make the choice to skip this quiz. Moreover, the whole of choice in five questions--come on!
Jessica Burton
I didn't think this was well made. Many of our choices involve the dynamics of circumstances and how we make choices for the good of others, ie: leaving abuse, schools, jobs, spiritual paths.
Choices can either make or break important pathways.
Daisy Mae
Now how could making decisions based on my own intuitive reasoning be wrong? What you or anyone else in this world think of me is none of my business. What I chose to do, how I feel, how I am. That's all that matters. That's all that should matter. If you base your decision making on someone else, ...View More
James Lewis
There are no right or wrong answers, yet i got 40%?
Starlet Nite
I answered the first question opposite of how it came out...weird!
Cathy Blanchard
Lol.. I got 100% sadly, I have a tendency to make choices based upon what others think. That can't be the ideal correct answer. The whole point of coming to this site is that I'm trying to disregard what others/society dictates and accept my own insights/individuality.
my opinion is wrong to make choices based on what the others think, because everyone has his own truth, needs, wants , ,believes and more other things. So the best is to choose according to his old experience
Vincenza Maccari