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July 8, 2014 by
The purpose of this test is to give you an idea of whether or not you are an Indigo Adult. Please answer 'yes', 'no'
1. Are you very highly intuitive, empathic, have strong psychic abilities/experiences, etc
2. Are you very intelligent and creative, but did not necessarily get top grades in school
3. Were you rebellious in school by refusing to do homework and rejecting authority of teachers.
4. Do you always need to know 'why', and are you often unhappy with, or even have contempt for, answers given that most people seem to accept readily & easily
5. Did you experience early existential depression and feelings of helplessness that ranged from sadness to utter despair
6. Do you sometimes have major depressive episodes, NOT based on your own circumstances, but surrounding the whole of humanity
7. Are you either extremely emotional, or the complete oppisite and show no feelings at all
8. Feelings of guilt or possibly even disgust for humanity in general
9. Do you have a strong sense that people just aren't who they seem to be.
10. Do you have a random behavior pattern or mind style similar to the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder
11. Do you have a strong sense that people just aren't "getting it"
12. Do you believe in other planes, dimensions, realms, parallel universes, parallel lives, etc.
13. Do you ever have physical manifestations of psychic, empathic, intuitive abilities
14. Do you ever have vivid dreams that can sometimes affect your physical body
15. Do you have "irrational" fears/phobias (something you're afraid/phobic of, but have never had experience with in this life)
16. Do you often feel that you've forgotten something very important or even crucial, though no explanation is ever found
17. Do you experience profound sorrow or grief, unlike most other people
18. Have you ever had contact, in some form, with "otherworldly" beings
19. . Do you seem to "see" things that most other people do not
20. Are you electrically sensitive, such as watches not working around you
21. Are you either very expressive & inventive sexually; possibly exploring alternate types of sexuality
22. Do you seek meaning to your life and understanding about the world
23. Do you have a strong sense that something important is supposed to be or about to be happening
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Arnold Silva Ruiz
william bennett
william bennett
The one about being sexually inventive threw me a bit,I have not had sex for 11 years now!but when I was sexually active I didn't hang off the candelabra only because I didn't have one,lol.
william bennett
I believe that we are born empathic,it can't be learned,but that's just my opinion,I do believe that I am a true Indigo person,whatever that means,when I was six years old I drowned,I was taken away and was shown things,things about the future,but,only pertaining to my life,my family and friends.I a...View More
shantell morrow
I already knew what my results would be. There was one question about having contact with other beings. And I can't be sure. I sense them and I think I might have had contact with what we call aliens but I'm not sure. It's like a burning memory that I can't put my finger on. But anyhow according to ...View More
Christopher M Bugge
First adult indigo quiz for me. yup....mirror experiences to Magali Fartek
elise gisel
Well Im just disapointed there is no yes or no answered. They are all supposed to be yes if you are. There are no, no's? it is sometimes deceiving or frustrating.
Bob clark
96%. The one I missed was the one about humanity. "Feelings of disgust or even guilt for humanity itself". I put no because I know humanity is beautiful. We just have to learn who and what we really are. Divine beings.