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July 8, 2014 · by
This quiz will help you detect any Psychic abilities. This test can also clarify and lead you on a path of Self Discovery towards the direction that accesses your divine self. A high % in your score, indicates you have psychic abilities.
1. Do you sometimes stand near a person and begin to feel anxious?
2. Do you see images, faces or objects in your minds eye and don’t know what it means?
3. Do you get occasional Goosebumps when you say something or hear something?
4. Have you seen movement out of the corner of your eye to find that nothing is really there?
5. Do you feel that animals and their natural spirit connect with you?
6. Have you had an encounter with a spirit source?
7. Have you felt the presence of someone or something to find nothing is really there?
8. Do you ever know things without knowing why you know it?
9. Are you sensitive to the flow of energy around you ?
10. Have you had visions that come true?
11. Have you ever been in a building or room and felt uncomfortable?
12. Do you feel connected to tribal /cultural rituals or celebrations?
13. Have you ever put your hands on someone or something to help ease a pain?
14. Do you sometimes say something and you don’t understand why you said it?
15. If you look at a person do you sometimes see or sense colors around them?
16. Do you hear voices, see people or smell something that isn’t explainable?
17. Do you make choices because it feels right?
18. When you meet someone for the first time do you ever get an unpleasant feeling?
19. Do your hands tingle, feel warm or itch as if a current of energy is running through your entire body?
20. Do you believe you are part of a divine circle of Life and that this energy is recycled ?
95%. It's good to know that I'm not crazy for feeling, seeing, sensing hearing things. Most of the time I feel presences & hear voices unfortunately I don't understand them because I don't know how to channel them, and it frustrastes me. Can anybody help me! I would greatly appreciate it!
Dear iri gov, The answer is in your question. Frustration is a fear based emotion. Let go of this emotion and embrace the faith, love and acceptance of whom you are. You are awakening and to understand the high vibration you are aware of, You simply raise your own vibration. Since light (Love) is a ...
Lynda Rose
I am very sensitive energy..
100. Not surprised. But happy to be validated.
Score of 100. Pleased to be validated.
maria villarreal
I wish I could say ߒ but not there yet still going threw my awakeing.
maureen galer
I purposely answered no to a couple of questions to see how much lower I would score. Not a good idea to put in cyberspace I see and hear things others don't!