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July 14, 2014 · by
Vibrations in our physical world are slow and dense, Spirit World vibrates at a much higher rate. That’s why it’s invisible to the human eye. The higher you score = you can communicate with this vibration, you have developed skills as a medium
1. Do You Believe Its Possible To Communicate With The Dead?
2. True Or False! Every Medium Sees Ghosts?
3. Have You Ever Walked Over To A Place In A Room And It Feels Colder Than Everywhere Else?
4. As A Child, Did You Ever Have A Imaginary Friend That You Could Really See?
5. When Talking With A Spirit
6. If A Spirit Spoke To Me
7. Ouija boards?
8. Sometimes I Just Get Messages To Tell People?
9. I Can Sometimes Feel Lost Loved Ones With Me
10. Anyone Can Be A Medium
linda caldwell
I really don't know if these so called, gifts can be learned or not. I don't seem to have any control over them. They come and go at will.
linda caldwell
It's almost as if we are being guided or controlled to bring a certain end to pass. As if the fates were in control all along and all we are, are players in a grand stage production of sorts. (But yet I am allowed to see bits and pieces of things that either happened in the distant past, i.e. people...
Well, I have listened from different people that I am a medium, but I have always avoided talking about it.Now, I want to work it.
100. Have known this since 15 years old. Couldn't ever tell anyone cuz they thought I was a liar so I shut it off and only used it in my dreams. Lately I have been using it awake and it's powerful. Light bulbs go out or flicker and "sizzle" speakers will go static or stop working completely. I'm a h...
Starlet Nite
90% Still unsure...I don't know why...
Cheryllynn Johnson
100% I've known all my life
I already new 100% love ones would speak though me to contact different members of my family with the opening statement "Remember when i was big ,and you where little." then i would tell them a story of there childhood .Totaly correct on every word ,and fact .then i would go back into a trace state ...
Veronica Sinclair
I got 70% but only because I'm clairsentient. So I didn't "have an imaginary friend that I could see" and don't "get messages to tell people" cause I can't see or hear spirits, only feel them.
Gudrun Hjelm