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July 14, 2014 by
Are you a lightworker to help raise the consciousness on earth ? find out with this quiz.
1. Are your extrasensory perceptions turned ON more than OFF
2. Do you have a deep respect for the planet, including all its inhabitants
3. Are you a free spirit or someone who thrives on pursuing creative avenues
4. Do you feel a magnetic pull toward exploring spiritual topics such as angels, prayer, meditation, and crystal healing
5. Have you had feelings of not belonging? Or do you innately know that the earth is not your real home
6. Do number sequences like 11:11, 222, 333, or 444 pop up frequently in your day-to-day life
7. Have you felt a heart-expansion or overwhelming compassion welling up inside you when you learn about other people's pains or struggles
8. Do you ever feel electric pulses or buzzing sensations emitting from your skin, head, fingers, or toes
9. Have you experienced an unmistakable intense desire to fulfill a higher purpose
10. Do you ever pull back energetically or retreat physically from society in order to rejuvenate your being
Krystle House
Jessica Hargrove
rico ona
Can I join your group?
Don wilford McGee
I have a strong desire to help direct the children from falling into the loop hole of society way... Many are gifted!
Starlet Nite
Friné Paraíso
you're my honeysuckle rose
Mary A.
Gudrun Hjelm
Vincenza Maccari