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July 28, 2014 by
Enlightenment is a process of bringing light where there was darkness. spiritual enlightenment is like a light bulb in our mind that gradually increases.
1. I often feel very much connected to the people around me.
2. I often do things to help protect animals and plants from harm or extinction.
3. I am fascinated by the things in life that have no easy scientific explanation.
4. Often I have unexpected flashes of insights or revelations while relaxing.
5. Sometimes I feel so connected to nature like a part of one living organism.
6. I feel like I have a "sixth sense" that sometimes allows me to know what is going to happen.
7. Sometimes I experience like I am part of something with no limits or boundaries in time and space.
8. I am often called "absent-minded" because I get so emerged in what I am doing that I lose track of everything else.
9. I often feel a strong sense of oneness with nature and all the things around me.
10. Even after contemplating about something a long time, I prefer to trust my gut feeling more than my logical reasons.
11. . I have made personal sacrifices in order to make the world a better place, like taking action against war, poverty and injustice.
12. I have had experiences that made my purpose of life so clear to me that I felt at peace.
13. Often times when I look at things or people, I get the feeling that I am seeing it fresh, from a deeper perspective.
14. I believe that miracles happen.
Ismael S. Rodriguez
100% if that means anything.
Suzanne Booth
100%, thanks for making this quiz ߒ'ed it!!
Vanessa B
Cheryllynn Johnson
Julia baker
100% cool
Letzy Rodriguez
Wackshar Jenkins.
It is difficult for me to give straight forward answers on most things, but they all qualify as yesses. Though enlightenment as a concept is percepted, it is nice to see what questions qualify. Thank you for posting this quiz.
Katharina Lingner
85%, I know there is more than the things I saw already