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August 4, 2014 by
How do you score?
40 + You may have some ancestral roots in the Pleiades.
50 + You have some cousins out there.
60 + They are 1st cousins.
70 + You will be, or have been, contacted.
80 + Do not be afraid, it was for a family reunion.
1. Do you enjoy being alone?
2. Do you have higher/lower than average body temperature?
3. Are you, above average, empathetic?
4. Are there blond or red hair factors in your gene pool?
5. Do you have a more than average, negative reaction to humidity-heat?
6. In general, do you have lower than average blood pressure?
7. Do you enjoy thunderstorms?
8. Do you feel you are different from those about you?
9. Are you artistic/creative beyond the norm?
10. Have you noted an unexplainable attraction to certain felines?
11. Have you noted varying levels of noise/ringing inside your head?
12. Are you a night person?
13. Yet, take pleasure in sun bathing? (with care for delicate skin)
14. Do you see coloured lights when you close your eyes ?
15. Do the stars hold a unique fascination for you?
16. Does the water hold a unique fascination for you?
17. Do certain stones/gems have a strong appeal to you?
18. Do you have gray, green, or hazel eyes?
19. Do you believe there has been alien contact in ancient times?
20. Do you sense that certain words contain memory triggers/energy?
21. Is the thought that you might contain genes from aliens seem positive?
22. Do you think you would experience positive anticipation at attending an ancient ritual?
23. Does the idea of walking within an ancient city excite you?
24. Do you have an above average fascination with flying?
25. Do you sense a need to find others of the same kind as you?
26. Does the current trend of society worry you?
27. Is purple one of your favorite colours?
28. Do you wish to make contact with an alien culture?
29. Do you have an urge to care-for/heal those about you?
30. Do you have a cloaked/or-special memory of an event when you were about age 5?
31. Do you feel a compulsion to complete an unknown project?
32. Do you sense a need to prepare for an impending moment of importance?
33. Do you prefer non-restrictive clothing?
34. Do you have problems relating to orthodox theologies?
35. Do you have a fascination with ancient symbols?
36. Do crystals have a strong appeal to you?
37. Do you enjoy being barefoot?
38. Have you ever experienced deja vu with a place?
39. Have you had doubts (especially, as a child) as to your parentage?
40. Do you like to test ideas & concepts?
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Angela MacArthur
I saw someone ask about the Rh negative blood, I'm wondering the same thing. I have A- and my fiancé has B- and he feels the same way about these things.
Susan (Admin)
Rh negative is very interesting, it is worth doing some online research, but don't get too scared by what you find...cause it can be , Namaste
Angela MacArthur
I agree Susan, I have done a lot of research on it. I could say from all of it, that I am from anything to a descendant of ****** to the Anunnaki, so who really knows. All I know is that it's not completely human they say, which is interesting in itself. I don't get scared, I find it all very fascin...View More
william bennett
what does the statement after 80+ mean? I got 95/100
Vincenza Maccari
Mandi Claycomb