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August 11, 2014 by
Most of us here don't need a quiz for this. But hey please take it anyway :) For those that are not sure, if you score over 50 I would say you very well have had contact with Extraterrestrial beings.
1. Do you have a blank space/or unusually high level of memory of your early childhood years?
2. Do you sense a special need to travel in the near future?
3. On vacation, would you prefer exploring the past, over such vacation activities as golf or dancing?
4. Does the word Atlantis ring some sort of bell in your memory?
5. Do you sense the aliens have a positive purpose?
6. In looking at photos of the English Crop Symbols, did you sense a special message ~ that you really want to know?
7. Assuming that you saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind...did you sense a special feeling when you saw Devils Tower?
8. Do you have a fascination or aversion for lizards and/or snakes?
9. Do you wish to make contact with an alien culture?
10. Does the image of cliff dwellings ring that proverbial bell?
11. Have you had dreams about being in space ships?
12. Have you often felt, watched?
13. Have you seen things of a spiritual nature, that you can't explain?
14. Have you got memories that you feel are not your own?
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Thomas Goodwin
I do not believe I had previously been incarnated on this Earth or on other related planets that people on this Earth routinely incarnate on. So I see this issue from quite a different perspective. Ones beliefs affect what one is open to spiritually. I focus on the power that the inhabitants of t...View More
100. Don't recollect tho. I wonder what beings.
this is bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa B
I don't need the quiz but took it I already new my answer
The questions are very relative
Mary Catherine Smith
Yes I've been aboard several UFO ships, from several different ET's. Some are very kind and lovingOthers not so much and truly wish us harm, in fact the ones that wish us harm are already here, in fact they've never left. They are VERY TALL very very white skinned with bright yellow shoulder length ...View More
TE 6uh
Sabrina  Michel
william bennett
Vincenza Maccari