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March 18, 2013 by
Have you found your mystical moorings? Or are you still caught in the lingering temptations of the here and now? How developed is your spiritual quotient? Take this quiz and find out where you stand.
1. When I want love I...
2. When I feel out of control, I...
3. I see others as...
4. My personality is...
5. When I feel insecure I...
6. When things don't go my way, I...
7. I view change as:
8. When facing a challenging situation, I...
9. Happiness is:
10. When I look at my life I feel:
46 Liked
When you let go of your ego... everything starts's been worth loosing myself to find out who I truely am!
Tanya Theriot
Christina Graham
I understand now. I need to start seeing others as myself and rest in the love that I am. Once I can achieve that I'll shine brighter I'm learning a lot from these quizzes. Thank you!
Marlene Montes
Paula Gillugo
I still have that dualistic mindset at times, but working on it.
Shonne Burgess
70/100.. I'm a work in progress
tatianna davis
40% gotta work on it.
Scored 100. Always working and striving for the best possible.
Inusha Wijesuriya
100/100 .... so happy to be in total surrender to the Existence !! <3