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October 15, 2014 by
“An Awakening Soul is a person who is progressively becoming more “Awake” or conscious of the inner and external worlds."
Adapted from Are You an Awakening Soul Test - Loner Wolf. Over 60 indicates you are an Awakening Soul.
1. Are you dissatisfied by the routine of everyday life and societal norms?
2. Do you feel a deep connection to nature and all life on the planet?
3. Do you seek to explore the spiritual hidden side of life?
4. Do you question and seek the deeper truth in your experience?
5. Have you valued your well-being enough so as to break connections with negative people?
6. Do you associate with like-minded sensitive compassionate people?
7. Do you pick up on the unspoken feeling, intents or thoughts of people around you?
8. Do you need a lot of alone time to function in your life?
9. Are you highly creative?
10. Have you developed and use your intuition?
11. In your life have you taken the road less traveled more often than the road most traveled?
12. Have you ever gone through a spiritual crisis?
13. Have you experienced a Dark Night of the Soul where you surrendered everything to the Divine?
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Jan Lee Beasley
Vanessa B
100% I already new
Angie Marie
maria villarreal
I am awakening soul but I am also going through the dark night. 69 percent
Cheryllynn Johnson
No comment
caitlin barry
85 %
Melinda Bergström
84 :D
Vincenza Maccari