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October 19, 2014 by
Reptilians regularly and increasingly possess humans.They have no right to legitimate incarnation on this planet, so they oust sacred human souls and steal viable bodies. If you get an 80% or more, you are probably under attack from a reptilian.
1. Do you get cold chills or the feeling of being often cold when others around you are not?
2. Do you get extreme and sudden grogginess/ dopiness/drowsiness?
3. Do you get mental confusion/inability to concentrate or maintain complex thought?
4. Do you have extreme chest pain. Squeezing of the heart. Mimics heart attack over and over again with no medical cause?
5. Do you experience numbness in face and extremities?
6. Do you experience frequent eye twitching or pain?
7. Are you prone to violent sneezing, which has no resemblance to allergic/normal sneezing?
8. Do you get frequent migraines (with sensitivity to light and sound/nausea?
9. Do you hear other voice or voices (always with a sinister message ie. “I hate you.” A message that is uncharacteristic and unfamiliar to the victim.)
10. Do you get uncharacteristic rage?
11. Do you have Chronic depression?
12. Do you get suicidal feelings and thoughts?
13. Do you notice lots of electronic interference with computers, phones, etc that you're around?
14. Do you notice that there's always a tiny static during phone conversations?
15. Do you often have a foul taste in your mouth?
16. Do you experience unexplained muscle spasms and sharp, often random, pains?
17. Have you been abandoned by former friends and family?
18. Do you have interrupted sleep, particularly around 3 A.M?
19. Do you get feelings of sudden and unexpected terror?
20. Do you get panic attacks (especially when pursuing your divine destiny)?
21. Do you have feelings of always being watched/monitored?
22. Do you experience “Brain-splitting” (This is a term I have coined for the sensation mentally of the soul’s own voice battling with the programmed or intrusive reptilian voice.)
23. Do you get frequent bouts of short-term memory loss?
24. Do you often experience bouts of extreme fatigue, maybe especially upon waking. As if the life force is being sucked out of you?
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Shelley case
Etzio Driez
17%. Wow even with a dragon's curse of rage, I don't even break anywhere near 80
Della Antonia
Hav u had help for this yet?
Etzio Driez
Are you asking me, Delia?
Awakening Starseed !
88% having great powers = great target...
Amy, I watched this video ( recently and I think it would interest you. She had interaction with a reptilian and decided to apologize and love it after she beat it up, and it went away. Not sure if that helps at all but perhaps it will, it sounds like your...View More
Melinda Bergström
4 lol
Vincenza Maccari