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November 7, 2014 by
Our relationship with our father can show, unknown to us,how our inner child relates to the Divine Father. On a subconscious level, we may feel disconnected or abandoned by the Divine.
1. Was your father an alcoholic?
2. Was your father a rageaholic?
3. Was your father a workaholic?
4. Did your father express his disapproval of you?
5. Was your father constantly disappointed in you?
6. Was your father unavailable physically and emotionally?
7. Was your father absent a lot?
8. Was your father distant?
9. Was your father a disciplinarian with many rules?
10. Was your father unloving?
Michael David Lawrience (
Rosemarie "Yes" answers indicate the trauma the inner child may experience and thus may feel disconnected from the Divine Father and also have challenges aligning spiritually with the Divine. "Yes" answers show the birth father was unable to provide a loving relationship because of his own emotional...View More
I answered backwards then~whoops!
Aliz Atoms
omg..i tought it was about my on father my dad and now it all wrong awnser what come out 0%..i,m so sorry i,m from the netherlands and my englisch is not that very well..please can you remove it....
Michael David Lawrience (
geertruida It is about your own father. You answered correctly. I assume your relationship with the Divine Father is good.
Thank you Michael, 60%
Hazel Redwood
I was a ward of the state, met my father at age 20. He was there for me til I was 7 and things happened. Both of my parents have there own issues, that only they can confront.
Richard Michael
Well my father left us when I was 2 months old I had a very difficult time growing up I was always MAD never knew why but then when I turned forty everything started to turn around I started to become aware of my spiritual side and have never looked back ( at least not to much ) I've delved onto ma...View More
william bennett
An unusual topic,but I did it anyway,I don't think yes and no are the right way to answer this quiz,my father was an alcoholic,but a happy one,there was zero,nil anger or rage in my father,nearly all the men in my street as a child in post war Liverpool England were drinkers,maybe because they lost ...View More
Vincenza Maccari