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August 4, 2015 by
Creating a vampire novel which I know is cheesy but it's going be different then most below 30 you won't quality over 50 and above you qualify to be a character in my novel.
1. Which are you?
2. What color are your eyes?
3. Which era would u love to live in?
4. What color is your hair?
5. What are your best features?
6. Your favorite style
7. Favorite band genre
8. What age would u rather be
9. What race would like to be?
10. What's your favorite TV show?
7 Liked
Susan (Admin)
There is a cool movie you should watch , Only lovers left alive, by Jim Jarmusch...this is actually more my style.
Amber koury
Fun quiz. I love vampires from Ann Rice. But I belong in books of elf type fantasy stuff =P even tall and skinny with long ears and feet lol
laurie (Mod)
I love romantic vampire novels or funny vampire movies
Kadin barr
My hair color is dirty blonde.
Ally Carrie
Great fun. Hair colour dyed black/plum. Just a thought the characters can't all be vampires!! I like True Blood much more than Vampire Dairies. Avid fan of both though.
Eyes - Change color; mood eyes. They go from blue to green to grey depending on the day.Hair - blondeBest feature - mouth/teeth.
Saima jabin
Im Puerto Rican & Native American, my hair is darker Auburn.
Quiz was fun thoughߒ
Casey Louise Hutton
I love HEX! Thought I was the only one in the world who watched it!