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September 4, 2015 · by
Are You Emotional, Intuitive and Spiritual? Do you feel sometimes overwhelmed by the emotions or energies of others? If you can say Yes to most of the above then you are most definitely an Empath.
1. Have direct or intuitive knowing’s.
2. Being in crowds can be overwhelming.
3. Taking on other people’s emotions or energy and believing it is yours.
4. Looks out for the underdog or people being bullied or in emotional pain.
5. Others like to dump or offload their problems onto you.
6. Fatigue as the result of being drained by others.
7. May be drawn to healing or spirituality.
8. Love nature or animals.
9. Need solitude to regenerate.
10. Excellent listener. You love to learn and know about others.
Wow never knew that
Cheryllynn Johnson
Wow 100/100 ߘ
Julia baker
Well, i just know that in this world, have 2 kinds of person...a bad one and a good one.
Tylitha Davis
william bennett
Question 10 got me,I do like to listen to others,but,and a big but! they usually end up draining you,completely drain you,what I like is for folk from other cultures or races telling me their thoughts,telling me their way of looking at things,things I see and think about from my viewpoint, I want th...
maureen galer
Question number 3 got me. I can differentiate the difference of my own pain verses the pain, emotions that I feel coming from who I am speaking with or even just being introduced to someone and shaking their hand