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January 18, 2016 by
You can find more info on Rainbow Warriors by reading the Hopi Prophecy
1. Do you feel you are meant to change the world?
2. When you squint your eyes and look towards the sun, do you see rainbows?
3. Are you against violence and government?
4. Do you feel that you have a strong connection with Nature and Animals?
5. Do you see there are several problems in society and the way the world works?
6. Do you "glisten" or have a "glow" while in the sun?
7. Have you read the Hopi Prophecy?
8. Do you feel all living things should be equal?
9. Are you aware that you are only a small expression of a big picture?
10. Do you long for a peaceful free way of life
laurie (Mod)
Awesome post ,quiz,
Liberty E
This is weird. I didn't take this quiz but it's saying I did. Is there a way to change the answers to the questions?
Wow, I am impressed with my result.90!
Shelley case
80 but was told am a light worker my twin flame is an indigo child
Cheryllynn Johnson
Wow 90/100 ߒ
duane meiring
Letzy Rodriguez
Wackshar Jenkins.
I hate that i never have a real yes or no answer for anything. I dont see rainbows. But my skin shows rainbowy colors when i go outside, so thats interesting. Im literally taking like 40 quizzes in a row.