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February 22, 2016 · by
Each person's light body experience is completely unique, and yet there a few light body symptoms that seem to be more common. This quiz MUST be taken if you have been working on raising vibrations, activating DNA, or taking in gaian/galactic energie
1. I experience constant headaches.
2. I experience constant dizziness.
3. I experience constant exhaustion.
4. I've been getting a lot of unusual aches and pains.
5. I have a lot of back/neck spasms.
6. I have a lot of inflammations, rashes and eruptions.
7. My emotions are more intense than usual.
8. I'm having a lot of digestive disturbances.
9. I am more sensitive to energies.
10. I am more sensitive to environmental toxins.
11. I'm gaining new experiences orienting to time and space.
12. I have strong reactions to herbs.
13. I am more sensitive to fragrances.
Thank you
Paula Sob
If I had to consider the last six or seven years of my life the result would have been 100% I think all of this is a long, long process along the years
Tylitha Davis
Jeremy (Ju) Huang
I am 38% light 62% shadowy darkness... lol. Love it.
Misha Menkhus
62/100 so what does that mean? There are no explanations?? All I know is that I am an Andromeda Starseed, empath, clairvoyant, and awake.
Reiki Nurse
Every person on Earth is at some level of the Ascension process even though not everyone is aware of what is happening to them. Amazing!