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March 28, 2016 by
1. Vegetarianism is ...
2. what is the healthiest food?
3. lives better who ...
4. which was the first existing food on the earth?
5. What is the food of the creator?
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I agree, and you're English is really good! We just have to try our best to make sure veganism is more talked about!
Oh no, I meant your*!! That's so bad!
Julia baker
60% ok
Caleb Garden
I think there's multiple ways to answer the question, I believe. Vegetarian is being aware of what you are eating, eating foods with high life force also high nutrition, and thought being that you do have respect and love for animals and do want the animals to exist in better conditions as we would...View More
Adriana Helena
Yes, everyone has their interpretation of what would vegetarianism, but nothing occurs only in food, but the reasons.
Wackshar Jenkins.
Interesting. take. I do feel it is kinda pointless to limit ones self in anyway. Animals are killed. Plants are just as vegetation as we are. And we eat most of them while they are still alive. Which is even worse then how animals are treated.. And you cannot exactly say water is not alive either be...View More
Adriana Helena
Yes, everything has a consciousness, whether mineral, vegetable, animal. The difference is that some feel pain and others do not ... the water has consciousness, but all drink it, and vegetable also has life, but has no nervous system to feel pain.
william bennett
Strange quiz this one,I eat fruit,vegetables and meat,not all meat just basic red meat,white meat and fish,why,because I like it,i feel sated after a good balanced meal,the food pyramids you always see advertised I invert them,I think a human body needs lots of saturated fats and cholesterol, I use ...View More
Adriana Helena
William, have you noticed that we eat animals that have herbivorous food? We eat the animals just to get these vitamins, do not you find it easier to take these vitamins directly from the vegetables? The human being does not need meat to live. Namastê :)
william bennett
It depends what you do for a living,job type etc,my working life was one of extreme physical exertion,usually 12 hours a day,to get my protein and carb supply that I needed daily was just a matter of necessity, I would of been eating more than most working,people because i needed more energy,some fo...View More