Achieving the full realisation of your light body will take a lifetime for most people if they get there at all.

For those consciously moving towards this sacred state of being, the process is a lot quicker – but still not a quick process, by any means!

There are twelve stages you will go through during the long process of Lightbody ascension.

To see what lies in store for you, read through the description of these twelve stages below:

First Stage

During the first stage, your DNA and chemical makeup begin to undergo subtle changes.

This effect is most notable in the brain, where restructuring begins to mend the fissure between your left and right brain.

Your pituitary and pineal glands may change in size, too.

This stage is marked by physical mutation, causing symptoms like spiritual flu, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, and sometimes skin conditions like rashes and spots.

Second Stage

The second stage is defined by transitional upheaval, causing bouts of spiritual flu and a general feeling of lethargy and laziness.

You might also experience some disorientation as light unlocks within you and your Merkaba spins more quickly than ever before.

Third Stage

In the third stage, you start to see some benefits around your physical perception.

Colours seem more vivid, smells more pungent and even your taste in food can change overnight.

At this stage, you can no longer regress back to your previous state. Light is unlocked within you and your journey towards ascension.

Fourth Stage

Here we get a whole new host of physical symptoms including headaches, nausea, blurred vision and even chest pains for some.

All these symptoms are due to your senses realigning for higher dimensional perception, the same way as when you step off of a merry-go-round or rollercoaster.

Fifth Stage

You begin to tune to the frequency of spirits, and your dreams will become more lucid.

Thought processes change and you might notice your personality begin to shift as your concept of yourself changes.

Sixth Stage

Relationships take on a new light, and you begin to evaluate which ones are positive and which are negative.

This is a period of upheaval in your social life and your attitude to it.

Seventh Stage

More physical symptoms appear as the ascension energy rises once more, this time bringing about emotional clarity and newfound honesty.

You start to see yourself as a higher dimensional being.

Eighth Stage

You operate from a place of self-awareness and begin to speak the higher language of light.

The ego begins to dissipate as you consider what is best for the collective over what is best for you.

Ninth Stage

You start to feel physically different as you begin to inhabit your burgeoning light body.

Your soul makes connections left and right, and you get a sense of being connected to the whole Earth.

Tenth Stage

You become one with Source, and this mutates your DNA, opening up ten more extra strands and your ancestral DNA.

The Merkabah is now fully formed.

Eleventh Stage

Your light body finished construction and activation, with cellular regeneration complete.

Time, space and dimensions become merged within you, and you gain access to them all.

Twelfth Stage

The twelfth stage holds the rest of your journey, as you continue with the healing work for your light body.